Alto Car Price In Pakistan

Are you looking to buy Suzuki Alto, but confused which model to buy, where to buy from, and what is the best price you can get for your Alto? Wait no further, since this article is going to help you find your desired Alto car in the best price.

Following, you’ll learn about the Alto Car price in Pakistan for the 8th and 9th generation.

Suzuki Alto 8th generation (2014)

The eighth generation was introduced in japan in 2014 ten years after the seventh generation in 2004. Collision alert, traction control, retractable side mirrors, seven airbags, Push-start technology, and vehicle stability control retractable side mirrors are a few of the features this car has. 

In March 2015, the “Turbo RS” sporty variation for everyday use was released. These powerful models use the turbocharged 658cc engine as their power source.

According to Wikipedia the eighth generation of Alto was introduced in the Pakistani market on 12 April 2019. It came in three variants “VX”, “VXR” and “VXL”

The entry-level “VX” model comes with few features, no air conditioning, and a 5-speed manual transmission; the “VXR” version adds dual airbags, power locks, power steering, etc.; and the top-of-the-line “VXL” model comes with additional features, including air conditioning, ABS brakes, and an automated manual transmission (“AGS”).

Alto Car Price In Pakistan 8th generation

Suzuki Alto car is available in Pakistan at different prices from different manufacturers and sales persons. In general, you can get it for PKR 2,223,000 /- but if you look for the car at OLX or Pakwheels, the prices can range below this cost as well.

Alto Car Price In Pakistan

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Suzuki Alto 9th generation (2021)

The ninth-generation Suzuki Alto was launched in December 2021. It is powered by the identical 658cc engine as the standard vehicles and the upper-end variants with a mild hybrid engine.

The Suzuki Alto in Pakistan comes in four different variants VX, VXR, VXR AGS, and VXL AGS with VX being the base variant and the VXL AGS being the top-of-the-line variant. Suzuki Alto is being locally produced in the market of Pakistan.

Alto Car Price In Pakistan 9th Generation

The Alto VX price in Pakistan is Rs. 16.99lacs. Alto VXR price in Pakistan is Rs. 19.76lacs. The Alto car 2023 price in Pakistan for the variant VXR AGS is Rs. 21.20lacs. Its top line variant Suzuki Alto 660 cc price in Pakistan for VXL AGS is Rs. 22.23lacs.

Alto Car Price In Pakistan

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Features of Suzuki Alto 9th Generation

The front-wheel drive vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission for VX and VXR variants and an AGS transmission for the VXL variant. The Alto car has 4 doors and a sitting capacity of 5 persons. 

There is no air conditioner in the base VX variant but it comes with other variants. Am/FM radio, cup holders, a child lock, climate control, a defroster, power door locks, keyless entry, and remote starting are all included in the Alto VX. 

Alto VXR with two airbags, a DVD player, keyless entry, an immobilizer, power windows, door locks, and steering. All the variants come with 13 inches steel wheels. The power windows are only available in the VXL variant. There are two drink holders in the front and two in the back as standard equipment, as well as help grips and cabin lights. 

All variations have childproof rear door locks, front disc brakes, high-placed stop lamps, and central door locks. The vehicle can be driven on all types of roads and terrains and has good off-road capabilities. Retractable mirrors are also included with the VXL version. 

The VX and VXR versions of the Alto have a single-tone interior, whereas the VXL has a dual-tone interior. This car has a very good trunk space. the car comes with a tool kit, a puncture repair kit, and an air pump. The headlamp style is also the same as before, and the VXL trim offers the option of colored side mirrors.

Engine power

Under the hood, all the variants come with a 658cc DOHC 12-valve, three-cylinder engine

Size of Alto Car Suzuki

The car measures 3395mm in length, 1475mm in width, and 1490mm in height having a ground clearance of 170mm.


Coil struts in the front and leaf springs at the back


Front: discs  Rear: Drums

The VXL AGS variant comes with ABS brakes.

Variety of colors

The car comes in 7 different beautiful colors that are pearl black, graphite grey, silky silver, solid white, pearl red, sand beige, and cerulean blue.

Availability of mechanics

There is no shortage of mechanics in Pakistan; they are readily available and capable of maintaining and fixing the Alto car quickly.

Fuel average

It is an exceptionally highly fuel-efficient vehicle and is said to give 16 km to 20km per liter in inter-city. When the car has traveled 3500 kilometers, replacing the Mobil oil costs between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3000. The fuel tank of this car has a capacity of 27 liters.

Part availability of cheap spare parts

Alto car parts are easily available in the market but at high rates which makes it a less likable car in its race.

Known Faults In Suzuki Alto Car

The car feels underpowered especially while driving it on the highway. The build quality of the car is low compared to its JDM counterparts. There are production issues and the spare parts are expensive. The air conditioner is not present in the VX variant.

Alto Car Price In Pakistan

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Alto car weight

The weight of the car is 650kg-670kg kg including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment.

Missing features

Suzuki Alto car doesn’t come with fog lamps and doesn’t even have enough space on the front grill for the fog lamps to be installed separately. There is no wiper on the back windshield of the car which makes the back view not clear for the driver in rainy weather. 

The car also doesn’t come with a temperature gauge which makes it difficult for the driver to know when the car is heated up.

Horsepower and torque

39HP @6500RPM

56Nm @4000RPM

Max speed

140 KM/H

Value For Money

The Alto car is easy to drive and an awesome car for a family. It is an affordable car that has many features. The car provides a satisfactory performance at its price with a very impressive fuel average. You can find the spare parts for Alto easily in the market. Suzuki Alto car dealership network is very strong and there is high market acceptability for the Alto car. This Alto car resale value in the market is very high.

Why Should Anyone Buy An Alto car?

It is a very fuel economical car which makes it worthwhile buying it is the cheaper option in the market compared to its competitors. The company offers a Warranty of 1 year or a warranty on a car driven no more than 60000km.

Buying information

If you want to buy there are many cars provided on online platforms like pakwheels.com. There are also Alto cars for sale, to find automobiles in Lahore, specifically search Alto car price in Pakistan Olx.

Alto Car Competitors In The Market

Suzuki Alto competes with Nissan Dayz, Mitsubishi EK WagonDaihatsu MiraDaihatsu Move united bravo, prince pearl, united alpha, and Suzuki Mehran.


The price for Alto car starts from Rs. 16.99 lacs to Rs. 22.23 lacs.

The 1998 Alto comes with a 1000cc engine and is available in the market.

The Alto VXR is a manual transmission car but Alto VXR AGS and VXL AGS are automatic.

The top-line variant of the Suzuki Alto the VXL AGS is the best model with all the features.

The lightweight and the small car gives an agile ride for a long route.

VXR AGS and VXL AGS Alto models are automatic.                

The highest speed of Alto car goes to a maximum 140 KM/H.