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Are you an art enthusiast trying to find the best art galleries in Islamabad? The following spots are a must-visit for anyone who wishes to experience Islamabad in the bold brushstrokes or sculpted elegance of the artists

This city has an extensive history of being linked with creativity, innovation and arts. Many community centers, theaters and art venues have helped to reinforce Islamabad’s heritage in recent years. Art galleries not only exhibit the unparalleled talent of skillful experts but also showcase the innovative work and creativity of contemporary artists.

There are numerous art galleries in Islamabad where creators of all genres can exhibit their work. People who are new to this field might also seek the assistance of more seasoned professionals.

List of Art Galleries in Islamabad

We’ve compiled a list for your ease if you have been wondering how many art galleries in Islamabad are there that you might explore:

Gallery 6

One of the biggest private art galleries in Islamabad is Gallery 6. It was founded in March 2008 with the goal of introducing the world to Pakistani art. The gallery has hosted more than 80 local and foreign exhibitions till date. In order to acknowledge and support young talented Pakistani artists, the gallery launched the Arjumand Painting Award in 2015. It presently houses one of the most extensive collections of art in the country of established, experts and young emerging artists from Pakistan, whose works exhibit originality and creative intelligence. 

They have acrylic, oil and gouache paintings —  available both in-store and online for sale. The subject of the artwork in this gallery is: Abstract, Calligraphy, Cityscape, Wildlife, figurative, floral, geometric, landscape, portrait, seascape and still life.

Gallery 6 Islamabad is a pioneering symbol of minimalism and conceptual art in the country. It paved the way for launching the careers of numerous artists as well.

Monday to Saturday: from 11:00 am till 08:30 pm

Sunday: 12:00 to 06:00 pm

Contact no: 051-2825738

Address: Al-Abraaj Centre (Second Floor), F 6 Markaz, Super Market, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Dawn Art Gallery and Framing

Since 2007, this top-tier gallery has been presenting art lovers with an impressive collection at F-6 Markaz, Super Market, situated in the center of Islamabad. The Dawn Art Gallery offers a wide variety of options, including abstract, watercolor and calligraphic art, oil painting for sale as well as digital print art.

You’ll also find miniature art here that’s usually hard to explore. Knifework and Burn art (especially Palai wood burn art) is something that outshines it among the rest of the art galleries in F 7 Islamabad and in surroundings.

Additionally, they provide custom framing services for paintings, certificates, pictures and maps. So, Dawn Art Gallery is the ideal place to find the right piece if you’re looking for something to add an aura of beauty to your workplace or house!

Monday to Friday: from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm

Contact no: 0317-5801793, 051-2601673

Address: F 6 Markaz, Super Market, Block D (above Bata Shoes), Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Artcade – Marriott

The luxurious Marriott Hotel is home to Artcade. This gallery is considered as a hub for both known and newly emerging artists. The peaceful ambiance of the gallery flawlessly complements the displayed pieces of art. This art gallery in Islamabad has undoubtedly become an asset to city’s already remarkable art collection, by curating several art exhibition in Islamabad.

One of its primary objectives is to help sponsor and coordinate art exhibitions in order to showcase the work of artists who adhere to international standards. Exhibitions featuring artwork are easily accessible to the general public, even to those not staying in the hotel.

The watercolor on canvas that produces a subdued illusion of vibrant hues is the piece that catches the most attention here with significant collection of textile and ceramic art. I must inform you, though, that this gallery is not for somebody who’s searching for spending hours alone, staring intently at the art, hoping to be devoured by it in an art gallery near me. In reality, it frequently has a bustling crowd of media professionals and art lovers.

Artcade is the spot to go if you enjoy being around art freaks and the media’s spotlight! 

Timings: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Contact no: 0332-8935800

Address: Agha Khan Road, F-5 Sector, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Islamabad Art Gallery and Framing

Oil paintings, acrylic and watercolor paintings, abstract  and pop art, calligraphy and pencil sketches are all found at the Islamabad Art Gallery & Framing shop.  High-quality Pakistani artwork is available by both emerging and seasoned expert artists. You will most likely find a masterpiece here that coordinates with your home or workplace, if you’re looking for an art gallery Islamabad F9 or in its vicinity. It is noteworthy for promoting artists with little recognition and preserving some forms of art that were at risk of dwindling.

All of your emotions, senses and feelings will be stimulated by vibrant landscape paintings found here; you’ll be able to experience the warmth of a bright spring morning, the freshness of a chilly morning breeze, and the aroma of lush, green grass. It is genuinely a spiritual encounter that will stick with you forever!

Note: Some of the best art creations at this art gallery in Pakistan are available at discounts in sale for those who adore and value art or who simply want to redecorate their home with a touch of love!

Contact Number: 051 2723191

Address: F6 Markaz’s supermarket, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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National Art Gallery Pakistan– PNCA

The Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) is the first organization that instantly pops into mind when discussing art. The National Art Gallery (NAG) and the Design Section are part of PNCA’s Visual Arts Division (VAD), which was founded in 1974. 

Naeem Pasha and Suhail Abbasi, the Architects & Planning Consultants won first place in a national design competition in 1989, and their winning design using to build the structure of the National Art Gallery Islamabad. Constructed on a tiny hillock in front of the Pakistani Parliament and the President’s house (Aiwan-e-Sadr), open to the public on August 26, 2007.

It has 14 galleries with associated display areas, workshops, lecture halls, a library and laboratories. It has a surface area of 1800 square yards. The four-story gallery has the latest amenities, including a 400-seat auditorium, theater and stage sectors along with an indoor and outdoor theatre. 

It has Bin Qalandar calligraphy pieces along with those of Ahmad Mirza Jamil and Sayed Nafees al-Hussaini. PNCA offers workshops, exhibitions, and events that engage and inspire artists in the city and is top choice for all upcoming art exhibitions in Islamabad 2022.

Monday to Friday: 08:00 am till 06:00 pm

Saturday: 09:00 am – 12:00 am

Contact Number: 051-9205273 

Address:  F-5 Sector, PNCA, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Khaas Contemporary

The oldest art gallery in Islamabad is the Khaas Contemporary. This gallery is another one, worth including on your go-to list because it is situated in the prime F-7 neighborhood. It serves as a feast for the eyes as the gallery features exhibitions of hand-crafted pottery, and modern art. For the visual delight of its visitors, the art gallery also displays miniatures, sculptures, pottery, ceramics, and artist paintings.

In order to cater to a variety of audiences and ensure that contemporary art is accessible, the gallery exhibits its work in both in-store and digital platforms. It illustrates its emphasis on the critical and creative discourse — from the art to fabric designing. An exhibition of a portfolio at this gallery is equivalent to instant fame for a new artist.

Monday to Saturday: 11:30 am till 06:00 pm 

Contact No: 051-8895209

Address: Street no 38, IFWA (Islamabad Foreign-Women Association) House, F-7, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Art Gallery F9 Park

The CDA (Capital Development Authority) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmad inaugurated this gallery in February 2022. The building underwent a renovation to create an art gallery Islamabad. 

It intends to advance culture with art and sees artists as a key asset of that effort. The numerous educational lectures, workshops, seminars and programs that accompany each exhibition at F9 art gallery further emphasize the gallery’s commitment towards art education.

It not only retrieves art but also promotes and nurtures artists — earning a reputation for aesthetic brilliance and exceptionally high-quality artwork. Since its inauguration, it showcases classic, traditional works besides modern art. The gallery is minimalist and monochromatic, with the exquisite Pakistani artists paintings of maestros like Guljee, Hajra Mansoor, Ghulam Mustafa and Sadequain serving as breathtaking interruptions in the uniformity.

 09:00 am till 09:00 pm 7 days a week

Address: F-9 Park (Fatima Jinnah park), Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Everything you need to indulge your mind, soul and body is available under a single location at Aqs i.e. Family restaurant, performance venue and art museum. An artwork is a reflection of the artist’s imagination, or an AQS, according to the medieval theory of aesthetics, which assumed that every form of art implies an intrinsic form. This form is the image an artist holds in the mind before he develops it on canvas or illustrates it in the amorphous matter.

In accordance with this theory, The AQS Gallery aims to promote genuine art by valuing and showcasing the creations of some of our illustrious and well-known artists as well as offering young rising ones a platform, besides having painting for sale. It offers a variety of courses you can enroll in, from the visual and performing arts to music.

AQS gallery is intended to not only promote art but also offer knowledgeable guidance to its customers. It exhibits the best works from all over Pakistan and neighboring regions. Here a broad range of art genres and categories are represented.


Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am till 11:30 pm

Contact No: 051-2206306

Address: Off Sahara Kashmir, National park, Shakar Parian, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Tanzara Gallery

Next in the list of art galleries in Islamabad is the Tanzara Gallery. It was founded in 2007 by Noshi Savul Qadir, an art graduate. Since then, the gallery has held over 70 exhibitions and also showcases Pakistani art at the UN headquarters, situated in New York as well. 

This art gallery in Pakistan displays the artwork of many famous artists like Nazia Ejaz Khan, who is the daughter of famous former Pakistani singer, Noor Jehan. Nazia Ejaz Khan has a Masters in Visual Art and Creative Practice and exhibits her artworks in only a few art galleries in Pakistan, apart from her studio in Karachi. Her floral and calligraphic art is highly adorned in each exhibition and stays out of stock on their official website. Additionally, the gallery has displayed its art pieces in Bahrain, China, and Dubai.

Because of the efforts of the owners, the gallery has developed enduring connections with its client, interior designers, and numerous exhibition spots in the country. Thus, it gives young talents a chance to leave their imprint on the art world.

Islamabad art gallery timings: 

Monday to Saturday: 11:30 am till 07:00 pm

Sunday: Closed 

Contact Number: 051 2320200, 051 2320199 

Address: Main Saidpur Road, off Saidpur Village, Islamabad 

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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My Art World

My Art World is a leading online art gallery in Pakistan for known and emerging contemporary Pakistani artists. It provides art collectors from around the world with a platform to explore or buy from the most recent artistic trends in the subcontinent and discover the creativity of their favorite artists.

To showcase the abilities of emerging performers, it was founded in 1998. Although it began in a typical manner, it has since grown to be country’s most reputable art collection having extensive Pakistani paintings for sale. It is a quite reliable vendor of vintage, unique and distinctive art masterpieces. The art gallery is willing to explore all the incredible creative approaches that proficient local and foreign artists have taken via oil, abstract, acrylic and gouache paintings.

Art lovers from all over the globe have a genuine chance to find and purchase Pakistani contemporary art online and have it deliver to their doorsteps —thanks to the displays at My Art World. This platform has also given many of our talented new artists the resources they need to connect with a larger global public and build durable careers.

Contact Number: 0313-4021167

Address: F-6 sector, Agha Khan Road, 5-A block, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Located inside the world-famous Serena hotel, it’s one of those art galleries in Islamabad that have been a significant component in framework of the country’s artistic heritage and culture. It not only presents the exceptional craftsmanship of famous experts but also introduces the creativity of modern artists.

No matter where the artist belongs, this art gallery Islamabad has always supported and believed in the promotion of artists and art. SATRANG is always looking for fresh talent, and once they find it, they put a lot of effort into nurturing it and making the best of it. It has hosted hundreds of Solo art displays, as well as several advanced exhibitions that reflect contemporary norms. 

Timings: Open 24/7

Contact Number: (051) 111-133-133 

 Address: Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy, G-5 (beside Convention Centre), Islamabad Serena Hotel

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Nukta Studios

It sounds like a tiny word, but the Urdu word nukta, which means “a dot,” covers an entire world when we explore it via art. Nukta Studio was founded by Muhammad Sajjad Akram (a visual artist NCA graduate) intending to give aspiring artists a productive forum in 2006.

It focuses on showcasing contemporary art from Pakistan. The walls of the gallery are adorned with professionally chosen pieces by foreign as well as local artists. Upon entering the vast setting in this art museum, you are instantly captivate by an endless array of artistic styles and mediums, from figurative painting to abstract art and from gouache paintings to acrylic on canvas.

Nukta studios was initially founded as an online art gallery to recognize emerging artists. Then expanding its framework, supporting visual art through various initiatives and exhibitions across the entire country. This gallery’s objective is to involve art enthusiasts in the narratives that are emerging from artistic practices — with a particular emphasis on cultural perspectives. It consistently supports young talents by setting up regular exhibitions and discussions between traditional and contemporary art.

Monday to Thursday: from 11:00 am till 06:00 pm

Friday: 03:00 to 07:00 pm

Saturday: 05:00 to 08:30 pm

Contact Number: 051- 8444296

 Address: Street no 5, National Police Foundation O.9, block D, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Nomad Centre and Art Gallery

Another addition to the capital’s expanding art heritage is the Nomad Art gallery. Since 1984, more than 200 well-known and emerging, national and international, artists have presented their work at Nomad Gallery, particularly art exhibition in Islamabad 2022, with over 100 of them being permanently represented.

The Nomad Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of art and culture with the development of crafts, in the country. The Center also collaborates with numerous groups and communities from all of Pakistan’s provinces to produce handicrafts that represent the “Best of Pakistan” in the industry.

The gallery features a wide range of artwork, of old adepts as well as a fresh, skillful generation of modern creators. It features modern and customary sculptures, works on canvas boards, ceramic art, pencil sketches with paintings for sale in Islamabad. This gallery also collaborates with architects, interior designers and decorators.


Monday to Sunday: from 10:30 am till 08:00 pm

Contact Number: 051- 2320124

 Address: Bani Gala, Muzaffar Khan Road, Islamabad

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Sidhu's Gallery of Art and Music

In the end, your exploration of Islamabad’s art collections wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Sidhu’s Art Gallery. It was founded by Asher Sidhu, a National College of Arts graduate from Lahore and is a luring landmark as well as a tourist attraction that displays several best items from the artist’s portfolio. Being an optimistic painter, Sidhu’s work displays an abundance of light, colors and the enclosing mist of the Punjabi countryside in his landscapes.

This art gallery-Rawalpindi has rapidly established itself as a favorite among both artists and art enthusiasts since its opening in 2007. They actively support local artists and their work by holding workshops and exhibitions throughout the year. On their website, you can see the work of professionally accomplished painters.


Monday to Saturday: from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm

Contact Number: 0322-5300302

 Address: Bahria Town’s Phase 7, Islamabad 

Art Galleries in Islamabad

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Bottom Line 

In short, these art galleries in Islamabad shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to experience the eccentricities of recent times along with the depth of the country’s heritage!  


The best solution is to look for artists who are working in the same genre, and area of interest as you are, followed by comparing your work to theirs — in case you lack qualified art teachers to consult. 

If you find their work or painting for sale to be considerably better compared to yours, consider asking yourself what are they doing differently.

Commercial galleries seek out works of art that are most likely to sell. They will take into factors like whether you have a proven track record of sales or not. They will evaluate your application based on how they feel about your art pieces if you don’t have a sales history.

Minimalist color schemes like pastels and earthy-toned are popular in painting in 2023, as they reflect the peace and tranquility we experience when we are in direct contact with nature.

It’s a common myth that artists are obligated to pay themselves for gallery exhibitions of their work. Although some galleries would have you think otherwise, there is a partnership kind of relationship between creators and galleries. The artists supply the galleries with their artwork and the galleries give their artists money with a platform to display their work.