Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

If you frequently have guests over, you probably might be familiar with the feeling of having to let them sleep on the floor or even sending them home in the middle of the night — because of running out of sleeping spots.

I’ve been facing the same issue, but now I’ve come up with a fix: get an air bed mattress!

It’s a simple and efficient approach to provide your guests with a good night’s sleep. In addition, some advanced air mattresses are so amazing that you might use them as a permanent sleep surface as well!

You can find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with your body partially wrapped in a taco, in the deflated stuff if you use a cheap quality air mattress. So select the one that matches your requirements— after going through the detailed reviews of our recommended products!

What Is An Air Mattress?

An air mattress (also called a blow-up bed or an airbed) is designed to function by inflating it. After deflation, this compact mattress can easily be stored or lugged.

It is basically utilized for preventing pressure injuries (known as decubitus ulcers) or bedsores. The main goal of full air mattress is to provide a patient with a secure and comfortable spot to lie down. It also works ideally for people with paralysis, burns, skin ailments, or elders that’re restricted to bed.

Top 7 Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use:

Read the following descriptions, before purchasing one.

King Camp Sleeping Pad Foam Air Mattress, Double Self-Inflating for Camping

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: amazon

Price: Rs. 20,000

Best for 

  • Outdoor activities
  • Traveling 
  • Camping 
  • Hammocks


  • Self-inflating mattress 
  • 9.7 lbs or 4.4 kg weight
  • 4 cm or 1.6 inches thickness
  • Polyurethane Foam filling with 75D Polyester fabric (Micro Brushed)
  • Comes with 2 pillows and a storage bag 

The self-inflating camping mat by King Camp is made to provide the best possible sleeping experience. It is excellent for backpacking because of its characteristic features— primarily due to its composition which is high-powered 75D Polyester Foam (100% micro brushed). This air bed mattress is quite moisture resistant, lightweight, and durable because of its exclusive design containing a comfort pattern with triple zones, which promotes body immersion to evenly relieve pressure. 

It measures 198 × 130 × 4 cm or 78 × 51.2 × 1.6 inches. Now the concern arises is how to use it. It will self-inflate if you open its both valves (made of non-corrosive brass). While for deflation, just open these valves, roll the pad up through the bottom, and push the rolling portion with your legs. Allow the air to escape while rolling to the upper section, then shut the valves. After this, you’ve to unfold this best air mattress for camping, roll it up towards the top, then let the air out by opening the valves. Next, shut the valves. Continue the airflow outwards till the pad can be folded into the carry bag (that usually takes almost 2 – 3 times of airflow). 

Another perk? A compression storage bag is provided with this best air mattress for long term use, for convenient portability and easy storage. This long-lasting product is multi-purpose as it can easily accommodate 2 persons and comes with two pillows. Thus, it is suitable for use in a tent or car while camping or traveling, sleepovers with friends or if you have guests over. Additionally, it can be utilized at home as a double sleeping pad with your partner as well. This air mattress price in Pakistan is Rs. 20,000.

Universal Car Back Seat Air Travel Mattress, Inflatable Bed

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: pakcarz

Price: Rs. 4999

Best for 

  • Majority models of cars (including minivans, SUVs and sedans).
  • Long-distance traveling


  • Comes with a safety block, designed for children 
  • Offers controlled internal flow during vehicle’s movement
  • With a 7-day return policy 
  • Made with flocked PVC fabric for additional comfort
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Contains an electric pump for rapid inflation

Make your experience cozier with this car air mattress that is specifically designed for traveling! The characteristic feature of this product is a safety block that holds back kids from falling in the space— present in between the front seats. It is available in the size: 135cm X 85cm X 45cm. Built with premium quality Polyvinyl chloride material (soft-flocked), it provides excellent longevity and solace.

You won’t ever have to worry about waking up to a sagging, partially deflated air mattress anymore —thanks to the pump on this air bed, which mildly sustains air pressure throughout the night. This electric pump is linked to the car’s lighter plug, for instant inflation.

Long-lasting and sturdy designed, this air mattress car has a weight-bearing capacity of over 150 kg. It can conveniently be used by two adults, at a time. It can be fitted inside various car models. So, if you’re planning for traveling to distant spots or any adventure, then you should give it a try. This inflatable item allows secure travelling — all thanks to its elegant wavy pattern, which also offers better-fixed effects. Costing over Rs. 4999, internal flow from the bottom of this mattress can completely inhibit transportation noise, ensuring a calm, serene atmosphere for you to take a nap! 

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress, With Comfort Coil Technology- Queen Size

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: pakistan.desertcart

Price: Rs. 114,034

Best for 

  • Active sleepers
  • Couples
  • Campers


  • Dual-chamber feature for adjusting firmness level on each mattress side
  • Weight: 19.35 pounds
  • Anti-skid lower surface for enhanced grip
  • Eco-friendly PVC material with top flocking
  • Customer-friendly option with a 1-year warranty
  • Its patented tech enables instant installation

Next is another amazing air mattress I’ve reviewed for regular usage. The reason, Sound Asleep, a well-known competitor in the market, is on my list is because it enables you to completely control your preferences for sleeping — on each side of the air mattress. If you have trouble staying still while you sleep, this blow-up mattress’ bottom has Sure Grip technology for improved efficiency and stability of the mattress. Exclusively incorporated Comfort Coil advanced technology and a Sure Grip bottom to assure stability, this premium queen air mattress with built-in pump has 40 inner air oils.

Due to the dual-chamber layout of this inflatable bed, there are two independent knobs for the built-in pump. Therefore, if you intend to join the airbed with somebody, you can individually choose your desired inflation level to make yourself cozier. Amazing, right?

With 78 x 58 x 18 inches dimensions, the ergonomic formulation of this item also has mildly lifted edges. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach or lie near the bed edge, they can act as a thin cushion barrier and keep you from being restless. The Sound Asleep best air mattress is amongst the top seller products with amazing reviews. Made with a thick water-resistant flocked top, it is composed of PVC (that is puncture-resistant) and costs Rs. 1,14034. At 18 inches in height, it gives true bed feels!

The built-in air pump in this mattress inflates the sleeping surface in about 4 minutes. Wish it were firmer? Simply click the pump once more. It may hold its expanded form at the specified firmness level for days. For maximum comfort whilst your sleep, this elevated best Sound Asleep air mattress comes with a multilayered moisture-resistant upper surface with a lovely, soft feel.

Intex Air Bed Queen Supreme Air-Flow Air Bed, Dura Beam

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: intexinpakistan

Price: Rs. 37,500

Best for 

  • Impromptu guests
  • Camping (as it’s portable and comes with a carrying bag)
  • Cribs


  • Involves Fiber-Tech technology
  • Made of highly breathable polyester fibers
  • Weight: 16.5 kg
  • Equipped with various horizontal air chambers
  • Integrated electric air pump (takes 4 minutes for complete inflation)
  • Involves 10-days warranty

Intex made to our recommendations with this Dura-beam series air mattress. Designed and constructed with strong and durable materials, this air bed is suitable for embracing sleep and relaxing in optimum comfort, both at home and on any campsite. With supreme air flow and breathability, this Intex air mattress is built with FIBER-TECH, which is made up of hundreds of super-resistant and anti-allergic synthetic polyester fibers. It doesn’t lose firmness with time (unlike the majority of inflatable mattresses) — guaranteeing excellent reliability and comfort. 

Plus, use the basic built-in electric pump to determine your preferred firmness level—plush, moderate, or firm—and for rapid, simple inflation and deflation. The mattress is 51 cm taller (higher than a standard airbed) since height is a key component in optimizing comfort.

With 60″ x 80″ x 20″ size and price Rs. 37,500, the best air mattress for guests is coated with delicate polyester fibers that enhance the comfort level (as polyester is moisture-ventilating) and is available in queen size. Moreover, there are various horizontal air chambers on the mattress that maintain stability and coziness throughout the mattress. Therefore, it offers temperature regulation as well. It is appropriately contoured to hold fitted sheets, in their place. Thus, the construction of this mattress makes it pre-eminent among the rest of the best air mattress for long term use, available in the market. It can conveniently support up to 272 kg weight. This mattress is perfect for usage while camping, at home or during travel—for having moments of leisure.     

Kosmo Care, Anti Decubitu, Spiral Air Mattress MM3

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: kosmochem

Price: Rs. 16,500

Best for 

  • Those suffering from bed sores
  • Crippled, paralyzed patients


  • Alternate pressure distribution, system
  • Air pump with 40 – 100 mmHg pressure range
  • 8 Ltr. Per minute air output
  • Spiral nylon and PVC, mattress
  • 17 air cells with a diameter of 0.35 mm, for ventilation
  • weighs 2.1 kg

Are you looking for a mattress that could alleviate pressure ulcers or bed sores? This Kosmo Care anti-decubitus patient air mattress helps in relieving wounds produced by body rubbing and friction due to prolonged bedrest — by stimulating enhanced blood circulation. For superior support and relaxation, the variable pressure air mattress equally balances weight to ease pressure points

This mattress with size 30cm x 15cm x 9cm is formulated with a system of alternative pressure balance by medical-grade nylon fabric. In order to further reduce strain on your heels, it is engineered with a heel slope as well. This mattress contains tiny holes (17 nylon air cells, with vents) all over it that let the air ventilate through the person’s back— to ward off bedsores for thorough care. Diameter of the top cover of these air cells is 0.12 mm while their base is 0.25 mm. By applying alternate pressure, it reduces the discomfort of sores and pressure ulcers. Kosmo Care medical air mattress price in Pakistan is Rs. 16,500.

To ensure a restful night’s sleep, the variable pressure pump is pretty quiet. Two hooks on this pumping system enable the pump to be quickly fastened to the bottom of the bed. It produces steady airflow and provides a range of pressures for a personalized experience (by adjustable pressure knob). 

This luxury nylon best air mattress for long term use can hold almost 140 kg weight due to its durable design. On any existing mattress or base, this water-resistant mattress fits with ease. The installation is made simple by the flexible air hoses included in the package.

Care Vision Anti Bedsore Air Mattress

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: daraz.pk

Price: Rs. 5,500

Best for 

  • Bed-ridden patients
  • Use in homes, clinics or hospitals
  • Those suffering from serious skin ailments


  • Anti-decubitus air bed mattress
  • Requires 1-time forging
  • Bubble, cushion mattress
  • 135 kg weight-bearing ability
  • Robust pump
  • Made of medical-grade PVC

Care Vision brings you the best anti decubitus mattress that is manufactured in China. It is designed keeping in view the patient’s comfort level with medical grade PVC. Equipped with a Cushion (bubble type) with 130 bubble pads, it is specifically made for preventing pressure ulcers —by aiding in the management of skin maceration.

This air mattress offers alternating pressure system with a strong, reliable pump. Alternate inflation and deflation occur through this pump via airflow that greatly reduces pressure on the body’s surface — the pump needs to be connected to the current input. This air mattress for bed sores consumes less power of 10 VA and 50 Hz frequency for functioning. It is the perfect solution for patients who are weak, or immobile and cannot frequently shift their body weight and take turns.

For cleaning the mattress surface (in case it gets dirty by the patient’s excretion), use a slightly wet cloth or any neutral scour. This latex-free, bubble-type mattress is great for anybody with extremely sensitive skin or the ones having skin ailments. Furthermore, it is recommended to go through the user manual, provided with it — for the correct installation of this mattress.

Air mattress for bed sores price in Pakistan is Rs. 5500.

Relax Sit Air bed mattress High Raised Inflatable Bed, Built-in Electric Pump, Single beige 

Best Air Mattress for Long Term Use

Image Source: daraz.pk

Price: Rs. 4,990

Best for 

  • Movie nights (due to elevated back design)
  • People with back aches
  • Tents


  • Has double seams that’re heat-sealed
  • Comes with adjustable hangers
  • Designed with beam support construction
  • Fire Resistant
  • Folds back compactly
  • Low power consumption by the built-in electric pump
  • Dimensions: 191cm x 99cm x 26cm / 75″ x 39″ x 10.5″

For a soft finish, this mattress by Relax Sit brand is constructed with flocked, PVC fabric. It is a top-rated product, particularly as per its price range, with maximum positive reviews. Relax sit air bed mattress price in Pakistan is Rs. 4990 only. The mattress is first fully inflated in roughly 3 minutes by the built-in electric pump. By adjusting the air content in the mattress, you can change its firmness as well. In order to approach the dermal regeneration phase, the interior structure of this inflatable material was specifically created, to assure a deep slumber.

The high raised back (for additional stability) is a feature that distinguishes it from rest of the best air mattress for long term use, in the list. With a subtly bulged outer perimeter, it prevents you from falling in sleep. Contrary to the other inflatable air beds, this king size air mattress is designed with a distinguishing beam support construction (rather than the air coils) — for effective load distribution throughout the mattress. This feature enables it to withstand relatively more weight (while being intact and durable at the same time).

It has a suede upper surface for bedding to stay and a welded coil design for optimum comfort. To make it higher and simpler to get into and out of bed, it has a minimal elevated construction. Finally, this best air mattress with built-in pump can sustain the shape and withstand punctures for a longer time— thanks to the use of durable materials by the manufacturer.

Types of Air Mattresses

They are of the following three types:

1) Inflatable air mattresses:

They are filled with air and need an external pump to inflate them (can be electric or manual). They are quite lightweight and portable, and thus can be used for outdoor activities, traveling or camping.

2) Self-inflating air mattresses:

They contain a combination of air and foam and require no external pump to inflate them. They provide a more comfortable sleeping surface than inflatable mattresses — but are heavier and less portable. 

3) Memory foam air mattresses:

Such mattresses are made from a combination of memory foam and air, providing a comfortable sleeping surface that is adjustable according to the user’s preferences. They are best air mattress for long term use and more expensive than other types of air mattresses, but they offer high-edge support and superior comfort.

Merits of air mattresses:

The benefits offered by them are below:

  • Comfort: Air mattresses provide a comfortable sleeping surface that is adjustable to the user’s preferences. 
  • Durability: they are designed to last for many years and can be easily repaired if needed. 
  • Additional benefits: Inflated best air mattress for long term use can improve sleep quality and spinal alignment.
  • Portability: they are easily moveable, making them suitable for outdoor usage as well.If you have limited space or are constantly moving and need to pack your bed when you’re not using it— give the luxury air mattress try as it can be folded back when not in use.
  • Cost: They are generally less expensive than traditional mattresses, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

How We Picked The Best Air Mattresses For Long Term Use:

We took into account the following factors while selecting the air mattresses in our list:

We read customer reviews to find out what people had to say about the functionality, firmness and comfort of these air mattresses.

Every air mattress in our list comes with a warranty— so that you could get your money back (in case of any defect or manufacturing fault). 

We added many air mattresses that self-inflate and are ready in a matter of minutes. The mattresses on our list also come with storage bags and can be easily wrapped.

For enhanced comfort, we looked for elements like a flocked upper surface or an ultra-soft fabric, constructed with premium-quality materials (including PVC and internal air coils) and best air mattress for long term use.


Yes, it has a few drawbacks. Nobody wishes to be awakened on a partially inflated full air mattress because even premium-quality mattresses can get holes and leaks.

With a few notable exceptions, warranties are limited, so if your mattress leaks, you’ll be responsible for paying for its repair or replacement.

A recent 2020 research reported that an air bed mattress (that has been adjusted as per an individual’s particular needs) can offer long-term health advantages besides providing enhanced back support — compared to the normal mattress.

Even though some manufacturers claim that their mattresses are appropriate for consistent, everyday use, but continuously sleeping on the best air mattress for long term use (without any bed sores or skin diseases) might cause stiffness and back aches as they can’t offer the support level like a regular mattress.