Best Mattress Cover In Pakistan

Want to get rid of restless sleep? If you find your mattress sagged, peeled or hardened with time causing sleep disruption and have had enough of it, it’s time to put a mattress cover over it that would save your money too!

A good quality mattress cover would let you slip into a cozy slumber, every night. A mattress cover is a removable protective layer that fits over a mattress to prevent it from stains, spills, wear and other types of damage. 

Our team has listed one of the best mattress cover in Pakistan through extensive research after analyzing the reviews. Let’s get into them but before that, understand the basics of mattress cover with an inclusive guide, so you can figure out which one would work the best for you!

Is The Mattress Cover, Mattress Pad And Topper The Same?

No, all these are different. The key difference between all of them is their thickness and purpose

A mattress cover is built to protect the mattress from allergens, bugs, dirt and mites and is comparatively thin. 

Mattress toppers are relatively thick— made to change the mattress’ firmness or softness. 

Mattress pads are made with cushioning, however, they don’t shield the mattress from irritants. 

best mattress cover in Pakistan

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Benefits Of Mattress Cover:

Using a cover for mattress gives you the following advantages:

  • Investing in a mattress protector ensures a long lifespan of the mattressas they provide an extra layer of protection from wear and tear, including from body oils, sweat and from daily use. 
  • The most primitive benefit of using a cover is that it keeps your mattress cleanand free of bacteria, dust mites and other microbes that keep lurking in the mattress. 
  • The waterproof material helps prevent any fluid from seeping into the mattressand causing damage as moisture stimulates mold growth.
  • For those who suffer from allergies, a cover can also help alleviate symptoms. The allergenssuch as dust mites and pet dander are kept out of the mattress — all thanks to the waterproof material. This can in turn reduce sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms. 
  • In addition, mattress cover is designed to be breathable, due to which the mattress stays cool and comfortable. 
  • These covers also help protect the warranty of your mattress. Most mattress warranties specify that you must use a mattress protector to keep the warranty valid. This means that any damage caused by spills or other accidents can be covered under the warranty if the mattress is protected by a cover. 
  • Knowing that the mattress is protected can give you the assurance and peace of mindthat you are sleeping on a clean and hygienic surface. 

Care Label Of Mattress Covers For Durability:

Many people have queries regarding the durability of their mattress cover. We’ve got a solution for this. You can prolong the life span of your cover by following the care label recommended by the manufacturers which usually involves:

  1. Tumble dry the cover after washing i.e. drying on a minimal heat setting (on not more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit). 
  2. You can readily clean it by machine-washing but hand wash is recommended for longevity.
  3. Try to avoid the excessive usage of bleaches and fabric conditioners— as they tend to destroy the fabric fibers. However, mild detergents can be used.
  4. Wash the cover separately from bright-colored cloths.
  5. Iron it on the low power setting.
  6. Launder the cover for mattress by warm washing at a maximum of 104°F or 40°C, as the fabric of most covers can’t withstand higher temperatures than this. 

How To Select The Best Mattress Cover?

We’ve listed out the factors that must be taken into account while buying a mattress cover. The convenience, performance, comfort and protection level offered by a cover are dependent on these factors:


Choosing a mattress cover while staying within your budget is vital as it is only one constituent of the entire sleep setup i.e. bed, mattress, beddings, and quilt covers. The price varies depending on the construction and material of mattress protectors.

Considering the level of protection offered by the covers is also essential during the price assessment. The mattress protector which increases the life expectancy and durability of your mattress would be a great investment— even if it is costly. Besides, covers with paddings, water resistance and cooling features always have higher prices, but as they can serve the purpose of both a topper or pad and cover, all at once, thus they are a good choice and would ultimately cost you less compared to buying two separate mattresses covers and pads.

Quality Materials

To make sure no irritant or allergen sneaks through your mattress, purchase a cover with high-quality materials. Such materials can withstand and hold up consistent washings—thus you’ll be able to refresh the sleep setup, without replacing the mattress cover frequently. 

If you are a hot sleeper and wanna avoid adding any cover or bedding above the mattress which could retain heat, then you need a cooling mattress cover. Such protectors contain breathable materials (that dissipate excessive heat).

Water resistance 

Not all, but the majority of the mattress covers are waterproof. A waterproof mattress cover is the best choice for the ones who drink or eat while in bed, those who sweat more and children.

Cooling features

Cooling properties in a mattress protector are an ideal choice for people living in warm areas and hot sleepers. Few covers are designed to cool the sleep surface and the mattress. Such mattress covers involve particular cooling components such as eucalyptus fiber and phase change materials.

Noise production 

Pay heed to the product descriptions, buyer reviews and materials and you’ll have a better understanding of the noise potential of any mattress cover. While most of the covers are built to be quiet, few of them might produce sound whenever the sleeper oscillates. Noise is most likely to produce by the waterproof mattress covers (primarily due to their backing).


Look for a mattress cover with a warranty as it could provide you with a return or repurchase option— if any major defect happens. Most companies have warranty policies without any additional charges, thus warranty might prove to be a bonus for customers.

best mattress cover in Pakistan

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Top Picks For Best Mattress Cover

Most people don’t tend to put much effort and research while buying a cover like they do in the case of sheets, beddings, quilts, pillows and bed selection. The right mattress cover would increase the durability of your mattress besides assisting in a better sleep experience. Thus, it would be worth the effort. Below is the detailed analysis of some best mattress cover:

Molty Foam Ultra Water Proof Protector

best mattress cover in Pakistan

Image Source: moltyfoam

Price: Rs. 4500

Best for 

  • People who wanna test a cover, before committing to it 
  • Shoppers having over 16 inches thick mattress 


  • Provides 14 days’ free trial 
  • Breathable top membrane 
  • The hypoallergenic composition that’s medically approved
  • Offers dust mite barrier
  • Elastic corners with the advanced pocket depth design

This Molty Foam mattress cover is super waterproof which means you can even put it on a mattress placed on the bare floor and you would never worry even if any liquid is spilled, onto the floor. 

It would stay intact and undamaged as it is a premium-quality cover. Besides, this mattress protector is formulated to prevent discoloration or peeling over time. This thick mattress cover provides a secure-fit protection— thus it can be readily put onto the mattress (without getting dislocated every time the sleeper moves).

You can use it carefree, without worrying about any allergies as it is formulated with hypoallergenic composition and breathable membrane. This medically approved cover provides a barrier for the irritants like dust mites

Another special feature of this waterproof mattress cover Molty Foam is its advanced deep pocket design. Due to its elastic deep fitting, you can place and securely attach it over your mattress. After using this mattress topper, you won’t have to worry about tossing over during sleep at all!

The product exchange policy of Molty foam is quite flexible too. They ensure customer satisfaction and thus provide an opportunity for a 14-days free trial of this mattress cover. 

You can return the cover, with a complete money-back guarantee (provided the item is unwashed, intact and with tags). In case of any manufacturing fault, you can also return the stuff within 2 weeks for a full refund. Enjoy deep sleep on this cover as its perfect fitting will keep you tucked in comfortably the entire night!

Gul Ahmed Cream Water Repellent Fitted Sheet

best mattress cover in Pakistan

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Price: Rs. 3666

Best for 

  • People searching for water-resistant, less noisy cover
  • Those having 10 inches tall or lower mattresses 


  • Anti-ruffle
  • Made from 100% pure combed cotton
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Noise-free, performance
  • Fully wraps around the mattress providing optimum protection
  • Has skin-friendly attributes 

Experience an enhanced comfort level on this waterproof mattress cover Gul Ahmed with perfect jersey fitting. The characteristic feature of this protector is that it is made from 100% pure-combed cotton fabric. 

Combed cotton is much softer than traditional regular cotton as it’s free of small protruding threads and impurities that have been pulled and combed out before it is spun in yarns— leaving even, soft straight cotton fibers that aren’t prone to breakage. 

Covering your body like a cloud, these treated cotton fibers make it even softer. As a result, this combed fabric can alleviate the pain of those having arthritis, joint or back pains. Thus you can have comfort combined with a soft feel in sleep—with skin-friendly attributes. This one might become the favorite for most sleepers as this waterproof mattress cover in Pakistan provides optimum relaxation and slight plushness to the users. It is machine washable (however, hand wash is recommended for durability).

This mattress cover is designed to stay smooth with non-slippery backing. Thus you can enjoy a snuggly sleep without getting irritated by crinkly and plastic sounds with each movement!

It is available in all following sizes with dimensions:

  • Single size:106 X 198 X 25 cm or 42 X 78 X 10 inches
  • Double size: 183 X 198 X 25 cm or  72 X 78 X 10 inches
  • King size: 213 X 198 X 25 cm or 84 X 78 X 10 inches

Elite Store Terry Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector Zipper Cover

best mattress cover in Pakistan

Image Source: elitestore

Price: Rs. 3666

Best for 

  • People living in humid or warm climates
  • Those wanting maximum protection for the mattress
  • The mattress with a height of 11”


  • Great absorbent due to Terry Cotton fabric 
  • Tear-proof due to PU Lamination
  • Provides wear and abrasion resistance
  • 100% waterproof, for spill and stain protection
  • Terry cotton is breathable, soft and medically certified

The feature that makes this mattress zipper cover stand out amongst the rest covers is its material as it’s made of Terry Cotton fabric (with PU Lamination). Terry cotton has woven looping patterns all over it — creating a fluffy, soft material containing moisture-absorbing capability. Besides, it is combined with a polyester mixture having great elasticity that provides heat degradation.

Furthermore, terry cotton is PU i.e. Polyurethane laminated (done by laminating polyester knit material to 1 mm polyurethane thick film) which means that this cotton mattress cover with zipper is completely waterproof and tear-proof due to the encapsulation of the laminating film. However, this PU lamination offers breathability and stretching while being flexible and soft at the same time. It creates a great water barrier as well. 

This waterproof mattress cover with zipper is a great barrier for insects and dust mites. You can also make it according to the custom size by reaching out to the brand’s website. This gentle protector is designed to give support with minimal padding and can be great for any firm mattress out there. Its price ranges from Rs 1699 to Rs 2449 according to sizes. All sizes are available. Select the appropriate size that fits your mattress from:

  • Super king: 84 X 78 inches 
  • King: 72 X 78 inches
  • Queen: 66 X 78 inches
  • Single size: 42 X 78 inches

Diamond Foam Premium Mattress Protector

best mattress cover in Pakistan

Image Source: diamondfoam

Price: Rs. 4000

Best for 

  • Eco-conscious individuals 
  • Shoppers who experience sweating during the night


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Acts as a protective shield against allergens and bed bugs
  • Ultra Soft, breathable fabric
  • Skin-Friendly

With the pleasant feeling of sleeping on clouds, this is undoubtedly one of the best protectors from mattress cover Daraz for anyone who wanna have a deep and long sleep. The bottom surface of this cover is a non-slippery fabric. 

Therefore, you can use it on any mattress that’s even placed outdoor too, as this non-gliding material would not slide on the tiles and floors — making it a perfect choice for get-togethers. Thus, it can be used as an outdoor mattress cover as well.

This super soft mattress cover can be a perfect alternative for any memory foam mattress. It involves harmless materials such as soft polyester that lessens the heat dissipated by the body. You can be completely carefree about any possible dermal allergies from mattresses as it is quite skin-friendly and odorless. 

Owing to its constituent materials and fabric, this cooling mattress cover works as a great absorbentbeing completely resilient against all the tossing and turning in bed!

Made of eco-friendly materials, this deluxe quality protector remains intact after 50+ times of machine washings. This breathable bed bug mattress cover lets air circulate freely through it. It is available in King size having 78×72 inches or 180×200×40 cm dimensions.

Textile King Waterproof Zipper Mattress Cover- Gray King Size – 4 To 12 Inches Box

best mattress cover in Pakistan

Image Source: textileking

Price: Rs. 4500

Best for 

  • Hot sleepers
  • Shoppers searching for a waterproof cover
  • Those having mattresses up to 12 inches high


  • Moisture wicking 
  • L-shaped Zipper Cover 
  • Designed with Waterproof Miracle Membrane
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Readily machine washable
  • Safeguards against bed bugs and dust mites

This thick zipper waterproof mattress cover can be easily adjusted on any mattress having 72X78 Inches dimensions. However, it is available in only full and king size (not many size options but a great option for soft mattress lovers).

The distinguishing characteristics include the waterproof miracle membrane it’s built with— that is not only liquid and sweat resistant but also offers protection from allergens, molds, and dust mites. It is available in premium-quality material that is quite smooth. Furthermore, it is noiseless and machine washable too. 

It is unlikely to cause any allergy as this cover contains hypoallergenic components. This waterproof mattress cover with zipper is composed of cotton and is readily washable too. So you can clean it in any machine carefree — without going through the hassle of hand-washing. 

It comes with a L-shaped zipper that enhances its functionality and ease of usage. You can easily put it on and remove it from your mattress through this mattress cover with zipper. The brand Textile King claims this cover is entry and escape-proof for bed bugs. Due to its smooth surface, you can easily remove pet dander from this mattress cover as well!

Nishat Store Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector King

best mattress cover in Pakistan

Image Source: nishatstore

Price: Rs. 2900

Best for 

  • Plush feel lovers 
  • Ones who like to sleep on a quilted, ultra-soft mattress


  • Cushioned, ultra-plush top
  • High-edge support provided by the fluffed border
  • Capable of moisture absorption 

If your mattress isn’t soft enough and you like quilted mattresses for a cozy sleep, you can buy a quilted mattress cover before investing in the new mattress. This is quite lightweight having cushioned, an ultra-plush top layer that guarantees a comfortable, all-night-long sleep. Those who tend to sleep on soft surfaces should give it a try!

The top water-resistant layer of this online waterproof mattress cover helps keep the mattress dry and clean – letting it breathe at the same time besides protecting against all kinds of spills. Fully fitted on all sides, this cover is made of cotton fabric with a non-slippery bottom. It comes in Double and king sizes of 72 X 78 inches. It forms a barrier against dust mites, keeping them at bay!

This quilted cover even comes with an additional fluffy, thick border (that surrounds the whole cover). Resultantly, it gives high-edge support with a great sleep experience. As this quilted cover can be appropriately fitted on any firm mattress, so it might not work well above an already soft mattress. Besides, material of this king size mattress cover ascertains moisture-sucking properties.

It is one of the best mattress cover out there – with the additional characters of being soft and super plush, that is fine for all kinds of sleepers, right?

Final Thoughts

Get yourself the perfect mattress cover after reading the above reviews and essential features for optimal function, listed above.


The mode of attachment of the cover is based on its model. Most protectors stick like fitted sheets for holding them (having elastic wrapped all around their circumference). Besides, some covers also have encasement designs having zips – zippered mattress cover wraps and cover all sides of the mattress.

You can sleep without a mattress cover on your bed – nevertheless using one can protect the mattress from long-term damage and keep your mattress clean. Thus, it could be a great investment for all kinds of sleepers. 

Furthermore, almost all mattress trial policies and warranties need the use of a mattress cover or are canceled if any stain develops on the mattress.

Ironing usually isn’t recommended as high heat might damage the mattress protector. Most waterproof mattress cover Pakistan have sensitive backing that is most likely to damage by high temperatures.

You should wash it every 2 months, using a mild detergent by following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or specialists. But the cleaning span of mattress cover might vary depending on how often you use it, if you have any dermal allergies or ailments, or if any drinks or food have been spilled over it.