Best Sunblock in Pakistan

We’ve narrowed down your search for the best sunblock in Pakistan in this article. Sunblocks have become inevitable with time as stratospheric ozone depletion causes more UV rays to reach the Earth which would lead to potential hazards for all living beings in the long run. People living in Asian countries like Pakistan face temperate climates and should wear sunscreens throughout the year as it caters to protection from serious skin issues like premature aging, sun tans, burns, uneven skin tones hyperpigmentation, photosensitivity and in extreme cases — skin cancer.

The basics of sunscreens, their nature and types of UV rays have been explained thoroughly following the listing of the top 10 sunblock in Pakistan—of high-end and budget-friendly brands for your convenience:

UVA and UVB Rays:

Two kinds of UV radiations reach the Earth’s surface from sunlight:

UVA rays 

  • They are over 95% of the total UV radiation reaching the Earth.   
  • UVA rays permeate relatively more deeply in the skin layers.         
  • They cause premature aging, decrease skin immunity by causing oxidative stress and in extreme cases—skin cancer. 

UVB rays

  • Only 5% of the entire UV spectrum consists of these rays.
  • They affect outer skin surfaces.
  • UVB rays are responsible for sunburns, tans and also skin cancer ( by high exposure to UVB rays).
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How Are Physical And Chemical Sunscreens Distinguished?

Chemical sunblock cream is primarily composed of organic compounds, mostly like avobenzone and octocrylene— that absorb the incoming UV rays. Later, these absorbed rays are released from the skin in the form of heat. 

While physical sunscreens contain minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (these two are a must). They reflect the UV radiations away by forming a physical barrier between the rays and your skin.


Which Sunscreen Should I Choose For Outdoor Activities- Physical Or Chemical Based?

Skin experts suggest mineral-based physical sunscreens to be a better choice for people with sensitive, acne-prone or problematic skin. That’s because these sunblocks reflects the UV rays right away—instead of absorbing them as absorption might irritate the sensitive skin.

While chemical sunscreens provide relatively more UV protection and water resistance so they work great during physical or outdoor activities like exercising or swimming.


Advantages Of Using Sunblock

  • It reduces the chances of sunburns and tans.
  • It combats premature aging (as sunlight lowers collagen formation) by preventing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It lowers the chances of skin cancer.
  • It helps even out the skin tone by decreasing pigmentation, redness and discoloration.

What Is The Correct Way To Use Sunscreen?

Dermatologists recommend reapplication of sunblock creams after every 2 or at least 3 hours.

  • Always apply it on bare skin, prior to using makeup products.
  • Wear sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before sun exposure, for its complete, deep absorption.
  • Use the excess amount on your all exposed skin areas.
  • Don’t forget to check its shelf life before application. 


Top 10 Best Sunblock In Pakistan

Product description of some sunscreens with their specifications are mentioned below:  

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion SPF 50 

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Image Source: medoget

Price: Rs. 4150

Neutrogena doesn’t need any introduction in the skincare industry. Neutrogena Hydro Boost sunscreen, being water-resistant, can be applied before swimming or exercising. Due to its broad-spectrum nature and Helioplex technology, this 88mL product provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. This water gel-based sunscreen provides deep hydration to the skin— for up to 8 hours—without giving a greasy or sticky finish.

It is the best sunblock for dry skin but suits normal and combination skin as well. Neutrogena hydro boost is chemical sunscreen because it contains 2.7% avobenzone with octocrylene and oxybenzone. Besides, it has a non-comedogenic and oil-free formulation. It blends quite transparently so you can seamlessly apply it under your makeup. 


  • Doesn’t give white marks after application
  • Provides relatively more hydration than other sunscreens
  • Handy packaging makes it travel friendly
  • Rapidly absorbs
  • Gives an extremely lightweight finish
  • Conceals well below makeup


  • Has a more lotion-like texture than the gel
  • Strong scented
  • Causes slight irritation to those having sensitive eyes

Bio derma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide Teinte Claire SPF50+ 

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Image Source: purefayce

Bioderma sunscreen SPF 50 price in Pakistan is Rs.3600.

Bio derma, a French pharmaceutical chainsells sunscreens having chemical nature with 42 Persistent Pigment Darkening range. PPD determines the UVA protection factor. Bio derma is amongst the few brands that offer this high PPD level— that accounts for increased protection from premature aging and wrinkles.

It also offers prevention from early aging besides skin cancer due to extreme UVA protection.

It’s great for fair tones as it leaves a light white cast on darker skins. This sun block for dry skin is more suitable as it has a slightly oily finish. It is suitable for outdoor application due to its water-resistant nature. This 40 mL best sunblock in Pakistan with 1.33 Fl. Oz. has a shelf life of 9 months. Because of its creamy texture, it sets quite well on the skin.


  • very moisturizing
  • fragrance and ethanol free 
  • available in tinted versions as well
  • offers excessive broad-spectrum protection
  • slows skin aging 


  • Gives a dewy finish and thus isn’t suitable for individuals with oily skin
  • Absorbs slowly
  • Gives mild white cast 

La Roche Posay – Anthelios Melt In Sunscreen Milk Body & Face

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Image Source: thevault

This best medicated sunblock in Pakistan with price Rs. 7000 provides 150mL and 5 FL. OZ product. This top-rated La Roche Posay sunscreen is great for even sensitive, acne prone or problematic skin like the one having eczema— because it is allergy-tested and has non-greasy consistency. It suits oily skin as well because it’s non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

The texture is a bit drippy. Its milky consistency gives it the feel of moisturizer. SPF 60 in it prevents the skin from UVB and UVA rays. It leaves a smooth, velvety finish after application

Its characteristic feature is the presence of antioxidants that lessen the damage caused by the free radicals— generated by UV rays besides increasing collagen production. This medicated sunblock in Pakistan is formulated with Cell-Ox Shield technology i.e. it’s made with 5 types of sun filters out of which homosalate and octocrylene are the most critical ones. 

Additionally, this La Roche Posay sunscreen doesn’t contain octinoxate and oxybenzone — these harmful chemicals are present in most sunblocks. The fact that this sunscreen is not only approved but also widely recommended by the Skin- Cancer Foundation to cancer patients speaks volumes about its safety! 


  • Contains antioxidants
  • Has one of the highest SPF, compared to its competitors
  • Can be used for the whole body and face
  • Made with Cell-Ox Shield technology
  • Paraben-free 
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Has exorbitant price 


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Image Source: incidecoder

Eveline sunblock price in Pakistan is Rs. 1725. Amongst many sunblocks by Eveline Cosmetics, this SPF 50 one stands out due to its notable composition and features. 

Hyaluronic acid in it provides intense moisturization and deep nourishment to the skin. Besides, it also contains vitamins A, F and E. This vitamin combination works optimally for coarse, uneven and flaky skin and is used in skin oils as well. It is particularly designed for allergy-prone and sensitive skin types due to its non-greasy and smooth finish. 

Made with High Protection System technology (dependent on photostable filters), this sunblock offers long-lasting protection from photoaging and damage.

Eveline sunblock cream is composed of the most vital active ingredient i.e. Antyleuskine Complex —which inhibits photodamage by preventing the dermal DNA from free radicals.

This 50mL best sunblock in Pakistan minimizes pigmentation spots due to its unique formulation. Getting all these desirable benefits in such an affordable price range is quite a big deal!


  • The hyaluronic acid in it provides deep moisturization
  • Ideal for allergy-prone and sensitive skin types
  • Antyleuskine Complex retards photoaging


  • Leaves mild white residue

POND’S SPF 50 Sun Protect Non-Oily Sunscreen, 80 g

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Image Source: pakistan.desertcart

This Pond’s sunscreen comes with PA+++. As PA depicts the rating for the protection against UVA rays thus PA+++ stands for immense protection grade.

While SPF 50 hinders UVB rays (up to 98%). This Ponds sunblock price in Pakistan is Rs. 650.As per its texture, this sunscreen is a bit creamy and thick with milky white color. Besides, this 80g claimed to be hypoallergenic —after being tested against skin allergies.

Ponds sun block contains both chemical filters i.e. octocrylene as well as zinc oxide. However, some preservatives and scents added in it like parabens and linalool are reported to have few mildly harmful effects according to some recent studies. Its non-oily formulation makes it great for all skin types, even the oily ones— for which very few sunscreens work well.

Thus this affordable best sunscreen for oily skin in Pakistan is made to work in humid, hot Asian countries. Its compact-sized packing makes it travel friendly, even this Ponds sunscreen is also available in 35g with SPF 30. Its shelf life is as long as 3 years.


  • Travel Friendly
  • Contains PA+++
  • Gives a smooth, non-greasy finish despite its thick texture
  • Suitable for all skin types, particularly the oily ones
  • Completely disappears in the skin without any white patches


  • Floral scented
  • Doesn’t reduce redness caused by sunburns as claimed by the brand

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55

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Image Source: skinstorepakistan

Price: Rs. 3890

Neutrogena offers sunscreens with a variety of SPF ranges—from 30, 45, 55, 70, 85+ and even 100. This SPF 55 ultra-sheer one is certainly the best sunscreen for oily skin in Pakistan.

Its dermatologically verified and has a semi-thick, consistency. This 88 ml product is available in 3 FL. Oz with a durability of 24 months. It doesn’t contain para-aminobenzoic acid which was formerly used by many sunscreen brands and is proven to cause dermatitis and in some cases, photosensitivity too.

With a minimal, fresh fragrance this Neutrogena best sunblock in Pakistan is formulated with Helioplex technology that is designed for intense broad-spectrum protection. Thus it stays quite effective, even under direct harsh sunlight. 

Its dry-touch technology makes it super lightweight by absorbing the extra oils on the skin so it’s the best sunblock for men’s in Pakistan as well. This broad-spectrum product is comprised of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It has a mild texture—neither too greasy nor too dry.

Avobenzone also comes with anti-rub-off and water-resistant features. Many users reviewed that they didn’t face any tanning issues during outdoor activities after wearing it. It quickly permeates inside the skin.

Neutrogena’s dry-touch feature makes it useful for humid and hot areas, as well as for oily skin. Not to mention it works for dry and combination skin types as well! That‘s why it’s also used as a medicated sunblock in Pakistan.


  • Its oil-free composition gives a matte finish
  • Made with Helioplex formulation
  • Its dry touch features make it the best sunblock for summer in Pakistan 
  • Easily available worldwide
  • Makes skin ultra-light and non-greasy
  • Equipped with PA+++ grade 
  • Ideal for each skin type 


  • Contains some parabens
  • A bit expensive


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Image Source: eltamd

Price: Rs. 8800

This sunblock comes with a net weight of 48 g and 1.7 ounces. It is claimed to suit sensitive, acne-prone skin especially the one having rosacea or hyperpigmentation and its reviews approve these claims quite well! It’s even reported to work great on dermatitis also. Its non-scented composition soothes pimples and blemishes, making it best sunscreen for acne prone skin in Pakistan.

Its chief ingredients include octinoxate (7.5%) and zinc oxide (9%). Besides, it contains lactic acid, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid (for retaining moisture).

Antioxidants like vitamin E (in form of Tocopheryl acetate ) are also present in this sunblock. Anti-inflammatory agent i.e. niacinamide plays its part by minimizing the redness and healing damaged skin. It also contains the common UV filter, octinoxateIt’s available in non-tinted and tinted formulas also. The airless pump in its bottle makes product dispensing quick and easy. All these characteristic features make this medicated sunblock in Pakistan worth trying and investing in, at least once!


  • Absorbs rapidly without leaving any residue
  • can be applied under makeup due to its seamless finish
  • Paraben-free and oil-free 
  • Lightweight 
  • Without any strong odor
  • Dermatologically tested and Skin Cancer Foundation approved


A bit less quantity keeping in regard to its high price  

Reported to cause mild irritation while using along with retinol

CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 Face Sheer Tint

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Image Source: allurebeauty

Price: Rs. 4500

Go for this sunscreen if you’re looking for a tinted sunscreen, and that too with broad spectrum properties. This sunblock cream is primitively composed of 10% zinc oxide and over 5.5% titanium dioxide.

So it’s a completely mineral-based (physical) sunblock. Thus it reflects or deflects the harmful UV rays by forming a physical barrier— in between the skin and rays, with the physical UV, filters. This composition makes it suitable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin types as well— however it’s great for dry and combination skin too. This fragrance-free product is found in one shade only, i.e. its tint.

CeraVe sunblocks contain ceramides for nourishing the skin barrier. It is packed with emollients (especially isohexadecane and alkyl benzoate ) that give it a featherweight finish and lightweight smooth, silky texture besides hydrating the skin.

So it doesn’t make skin greasy. As white patches are appeared after using physical sunblocks due to their bit thicker consistency than the chemical ones— thus this CeraVe product comes with a tint to vanish the whitening marks and give a smooth seamless finish. However, it has one downside. CeraVe products aren’t sold online on its website. They can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and in Pakistan on Daraz or local websites selling international skincare products. They also provide information about the nearest physical retail areas on their website— but mostly in the United States. 


  • Top-rated best sunscreen in Pakistan with mostly positive reviews
  • 100% mineral-based sunblock offers broad-spectrum UV protection
  • Made with skin-friendly ingredients like niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and ceramides
  • Odorless 
  • Contains rich concentrations of emollients that soothe skin
  • Vegan


  • It isn’t cruelty-free
  • The tint might not work for all skin tones

Johnsons High Protection Sun Block SPF 90+++ 100ml

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Image Source: cartco

Price: Rs.450

Johnson’s produces a wide variety of skincare products— for women, men and kids as well. It offers sunblock cream, lotions, sprays, and gel forms. Its high-protection sunblock is a physical sunscreen so can be a preferable product for kids as well (because it isn’t absorbed deep inside the skin unlike the chemical ones). This 100 mL product gives a non-dewy finish as it gets instantly absorbed into the skin, in a few minutes.

So people with oily skin can opt for it. It is non-comedogenic i.e. doesn’t block the pores. Therefore, it won’t cause blackheads or pimples and thus is effective for acne-prone skin as well.

90 plus SPF account for intense protection from UVB radiations and PA++ indicates scattering of UVA rays. However, due to its relatively thick texture, it is a bit less smooth than other sunscreens in Pakistan.

Therefore, it doesn’t give much fine application on hairy body parts in the first go. This best sunblock in Pakistan can be found easily on online websites or shops selling skincare essentials. It does give initial white marks that disappear in a few minutes after blending — which proves the vanishing claim by the brand. This sunscreen renders your skin soft by giving it a non-dewy, light finish!


  • Without any icky smell
  • Effective sun protection due to SPF 90+ and PA++ formulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gives long-lasting protection 
  • Gives mattifying finish
  • Easy availability
  • non-comedogenic


  • A bit difficult to dispense out from the bottle 
  • Doesn’t glide effortlessly on the skin

Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-Hydrating Protection Travel Lotion SPF50+

best sunblock in Pakistan 12

Image Source: garnier

Price: Rs. 2300

This Garnier sun block with SPF 50 comes with 50 mL product. Its characteristic feature is the presence of shea butter in its formulation.

It not only offers deep hydration and nourishment (even for as long as 24 hours) but also soothes dry and flaking skin. Its water-resistant and instantly absorbing nature makes it wearable during activities like exercising or swimming that involve contact with water or sweat. This is a chemical-based sun block —composed of octinoxate and avobenzone.

It is ideal for people with sensitive skin types and those suffering from photosensitivity and skin allergies or rashes like PMLE (Polymorphous light eruption). It can be used on breakouts due to its dry consistency. Thus this sunscreen can be a go-to option for almost every skin type! 

Another significant feature of this sunblock is that it doesn’t have octocrylene. It is a common ingredient in most sunscreens, especially chemical ones. It mildly irritates the eyes so people having sensitive eyes should look out for this specific ingredient in their sunscreen as well as other skincare products! 

Garnier doesn’t harm animals during its preparation or testing so its products are cruelty-free (approved by the Leaping Bunny). However, some users have complained about the poor product dispensing i.e. it’s difficult to take out the product as soon as you reach halfway to it. It can be regarded as best sunblock for men’s in Pakistan.


  • Shea Butter in its formulation provides deep nourishment but with a light finish
  • dry texture makes it suitable for oily skin types
  • has non-greasy texture
  • British Skin Foundation approved 
  • hypoallergenic


  • Leaves some white residues, thus isn’t suitable for darker skin tones
  • some customers reported the poor dispensing from the bottle 

Which Factors Should Be Considered Before Purchasing The Best Sunblock In Pakistan?

The following specifications must be kept in mind while purchasing the sunscreens in Pakistan.

Broad Spectrum nature: It is one of the most vital factors in sunscreens as it determines the hindrance from UVA and UVB rays. 

Consider your skin type: Hydrating sunblock suits those having dry skin while oil-free sunscreens work well on oily skin types. 

SPF rating: Sun protection factor shouldn’t be overlooked at all! It is the measure of protection, from UV rays. Dermatologists advise using sunscreens with a minimum of 30 SPF or higher, that is much better. 

Consider water resistance: Pick a water-resistant sunscreen if you’re up to physical activities. This kind of product would work as the best sunblock for summer in Pakistan. 

Composition: Make sure your sunscreen doesn’t contain any hazardous ingredient —particularly if you’ve sensitive or acne-prone skin. 

Final Thoughts

Choose sunscreen considering your skin type and needs from the above-reviewed best sunblock in Pakistan with price ranges— keeping in view their specifications.


I have used them both. What I’ve felt is Neutrogena ultra-sheer works well on oily skin and particularly for breakouts. This dry-touch sunblock cream gives an instant oily texture to the skin but settles well and absorbs after two to three minutes— due to its creamy consistency.

While Hydro boost gel sunscreen, because of its water-based formulation, is the best choice for those with dry skin. Besides, it doesn’t leave grey or white patches.