FX Car – All You Need To Know

Today we are bringing a detailed review of the Suzuki FX car. Though old fashioned, the FX car has its own perks and goes with anyone who wants an old styled cozy car.

The Suzuki FX car was launched in Pakistan in 1982 with both ac and non-ac variants till 1988. In the meanwhile, this vehicle entered the global market in 1979 and was phased out in 1984. Suzuki FX is available for between Rs80,000 and Rs350,000.

The article covers all about Suzuki FX car, where price of fx car, it’s pros & cons, and where you can get it from.

Popularity And History Of FX car

The first-generation Suzuki Alto (800/FX) was popular not only in our market but in practically every region where it was sold, largely as a result of its low price. A 2-door version was also offered in addition to the 4-door model, relatively few of these were imported into our markets.

FX Suzuki car was later replaced by Alto Mehran in 1989. When the FX was first released in 1979, it had round headlights and a black interior. However, square headlights were added in 1982, and the black interior was eventually replaced with a beige inside in 1984.

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Features Of FX Car Suzuki

The car has a 4-speed manual gearbox and is front-wheel drive with a non-power steering wheel. The FX car comes with an Ac and non-Ac variant but it got famous for the ac variant at the time of launch.

The car can run on both CNG gas and petrol. It is said to be a tough car that’s why more taxi drivers use it. FX car has 4 doors and the sitting capacity is for 5 persons. The car also comes with a spare tire. The inside has vinyl door panels and seats rather than fabric

One thing, the Suzuki FX featured a singular characteristic in that the rear windscreen doubled as the car’s trunk door. The rear windscreen served as its trunk door; there was no frame or actual steel door or anything else.

Engine power

Under the hood, it has an 800cc 3-cylinder carburetor engine with a choke.

Size of FX car

The car measures 3,195mm long, 1,395mm wide and 1,335mm tall while having a wheelbase of 2,150mm.


Tube shocks up front and down back with front coil springs and back leaf springs


Front: Discs, Rear: Drums

Variety of colors

FX car offered various colors the most common colors of which were cream, white, red, royal blue, grayish blue, pistachio green, Pakistan green, non-metallic silver, and brown.

Availability of mechanics

The FX car carburetor engine is discontinued and because of that, it is hard to find a good mechanic for the car’s work. However, you can find mechanics near Mazang Lahore.

Fuel average

It is a very fuel-efficient vehicle and is said to give 10 to 12 kilometers per liter in intra-city and 15 to 16 kilometers on a long route. After the car is driven 3500 kilometers the Mobil oil change for the car costs about Rs:2500-3000. The fuel tank capacity for this vehicle is 30 liters.

Part availability of cheap spare parts

The car parts are available everywhere at very cheap rates. You can find its front bumper at Rs:500, brake lights at Rs:250, and four front indicators between Rs:250 and Rs:300. You can find top-quality car parts at pakwheels.com

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Known Faults In FX Car Suzuki

It is said that less space is the biggest issue of this car as it doesn’t have enough leg space. It is also said that passengers on the backseats face this issue more. There is also less trunk space available.

FX car weight

The weight of the car is 570kg including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment.

Missing features

The vehicle comes without a left-side mirror and also does not have seatbelts, they need to be installed separately. There is no airbag in the car which reduces the safety of the passenger in a car accident.

Horsepower and torque

40 HP @ 5000 RPM

50 Nm @ 4000 RPM

Max speed

140 KM/H

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Value For Money

The FX immediately achieved success and became well-known in a short period due to its lower pricing and reliable performance. People who were unable to purchase a brand-new car were nevertheless able to obtain a respectable, fuel-efficient car that was relatively affordable and required very little maintenance.

FX Car Price In Pakistan

As the car gained popularity, its price continued to rise. Suzuki FX’s regular version cost Rs87,000 in 1986, but it cost Rs96,000 to get an air conditioning model, more than doubling in price after only 4 years on the market.

Nowadays a good condition FX car price in Pakistan costs between Rs:150,000 to Rs:300,000. The FX car is still popular in Pakistan and you can see them on the roads of Lahore daily.

Why Should Anyone Buy FX?

The vehicle is an excellent choice to be driven in cities like Lahore and Karachi as there is a lot of traffic congestion in the city and the car is reliable and tough. It is a wonderful car for a small family with such a good fuel average and the availability of cheap spare parts is another reason to buy this vehicle. It is the best low-budget 4-door vehicle available in the market of cars.  

The best time to buy an FX car is when you can afford it! (lol) another good time is when you can see FX car sale going on around your area or on websites. Sometimes, a family member or a friend is selling their car as well. So, you might get some additional discounts!

FX car Link with Rawalpindi

FX is called the ‘National car of Pindi’ as the people there love this car. It is popular in the twin city as it has a special relationship with Pindi. You might also see FX car in Islamabad as well. You might also easily find FX car for sale in Islamabad, or Rawalpindi.

Where To Buy FX Car 

If you want to buy this beautiful FX car there are more than 200+ cars listed for sale on pakwheeels.com there are also FX cars for sale on Olx, you can specifically search FX car Olx Lahore for cars available in Lahore. By searching FX car OLX karachi, you’ll see a list of numerous FX car on sale in Karachi. You’ll then be aware of FX car price in karachi, but we suggest you to look up on different places and take your time to purchase FX car in a good condition.

You can also get an FX car modified at workshops to give it an even better look and for excellent car condition.


By 1988, Suzuki FX manufacture (in Pakistan) had ended in favor of the second-generation Alto, which ultimately went by the name Mehran and was produced for more than 30 years.

The fuel average of FX car is said to give 10 to 12 kilometers per litre in intra-city and 15 to 16 kilometers on a long route.

The FX car weighs 570kg with a full fuel tank and all standard equipment.