How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger?

Vuse is an electrical cigarette manufactured employing R. J. Reynolds Vapor Corporate. This is a subsidiary that is a part of Reynolds American tobacco corporation. In 2015 it was once the most well-liked electrical cigarette bought in the United States of America, with a 33% open market proportion on channels that Nielsen tracks.

Though, many of us know how to charge a dead vuse without a charger? So listed below are the steps that support you to know. Vuse dropped its top spot in 2017. When Juul took over and become the most well-liked electrical-cigarette badge in the United States of America.

Historical disclaimer

Before we start, have you ever heard of Socrates? Who was obliged hemlock and sentenced to death? His life was as dreadful as his wife beat him. Once he was asked by a young fellow about how he had become a philosopher. The answer was an honest hint about, you need an immoral wife to face your life as an exclusion. You need an immoral wife to become a philosopher.

Now, why did we tell this you? The purpose is, when you have a device with some problems, you will surely generate exclusive ideas to normalize it for your use. And very parallel to that, it is very common that people are asking how to charge a Vuse without a charger.

If you are associated with tech groups, you may be aware of charger and battery explosion videos and photos. And the thing very usual here is, they use some DIY wiles. This can go wrong or use of some unconstitutional or third-party charging accessories.

And the vital truth is, the company will not offer you a warranty for your self-made injury. So, you got to buy new devices. Now, the main point is, if you don’t have a suitable charger for your Vuse with you. What are you going to do? Purchase a new Vuse charger or have a little minute for a DIY project.

If you are the person for the 2nd option, we endorse you to take the complete preparation for the further DIY procedures.

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How To Use The Vuse?

When it comes to using a Vuse, there are some little things you need to keep in mind. The primary thing is that the device has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which can last up to 12 hours on a full charge.

Moreover, the Vuse comes prepared with an AC adapter, so you can use it everywhere in the world. The next thing you should keep in mind is that the Vuse is not well-suited to standard batteries. As an alternative, it needs either Type-C or Type-A adapters depending on your setting.

Lastly, be sure to read the user’s guidelines before beginning any charging process, they may provide explicit instructions for how to charge a vuse without a charger.

The Vuse originates with a smartphone app that permits you to make and receive calls, change the ringtone, and set alarms. You can also use the application to connect to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter which is beneficial for keeping up with old friends or new ones.

Easy Ways To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger

Almost every Vuse you can purchase aside from the disposable varieties will include a charger that allows you to recharge the Vuse batteries once they go dead. 

Whether it’s been destroyed, misplaced, or otherwise inaccessible. Though, there may be cases where your Vuse’s batteries have run out of juice, and you don’t have the suitable charger available to bring them back to life. The following ways will help you to know how to charge a vuse alto without the charger.

1- Use A Phone Charger

If your Vuse comes equipped with a micro-USB charging port, as many Vuse do, then you are in luck. Micro-USB chargers are gladly available, and most people will have at least one lying around the community somewhere. Though the charger may not have been precisely designed for charging Vuses, it will do the job nicely.

The bad news is that there are a lot of rechargeable Vuse models that do not have micro-USB charging ports. Box mods usually do have a built-in micro-USB charging port. But many rechargeable vape pens such as JUUL and Vuse feature a unique charging port that will not accept a micro-USB charger.

Similarly, not every phone charger you might be able to get your influences on is going to be a micro-USB charger. A decade ago, micro-USB chargers were regular for charging phones.

Nowadays, though, many smartphone models come armed with different charging ports. Such as lightning ports in the case of iPhones and USB-C ports in the case of many newer Android models.

If the stars align, though, and you happen to own a Vuse that features a micro-USB charging port as well as a micro-USB phone charger. Then charging your Vuse with a phone charger is a simple and direct process.

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2- Use A Portable Power Bank

Portable power banks are products that permit you to charge devices on the go. They are large batteries themselves with comprised charging cables that allow you to connect them to a variety of different devices. 

So one of those cables is a micro-USB cable, and so long as your Vuse features a micro-USB charging port. Then plugging your Vuse into a portable power bank should do the best trick.

If your Vuse does not look to be charging when you plug into a portable power bank, however, it could be that the power bank itself has run out of battery life.

Portable power banks don’t last continually and do ultimately need to be recharged themselves. Some more costly models will tell you how much influence the power bank has left to give, but this is not the case with every model.

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3- Plug Vuse Into A Laptop Or Desktop

If you still have the suitable charging cable for your Vuse but have misplaced the element that the cable connects to. You will not be able to charge your Vuse using a normal electrical outlet. But you can still charge it by plugging the cable into any device that has a USB port.

Desktops, laptops, and gaming support all have USB ports that are perfectly capable of charging any Vuse on condition that you have the right charging cable. 

Just note that if you are using a laptop not plugged in to charge your Vuse in this way, it will cause your laptop’s battery life to drain a little more rapidly.

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4- Use An Exterior Battery Charger

Rechargeable Vuse pens such as JUULs feature batteries that come strengthened to the device’s internal components and are not intended to be removed. For such devices, an exterior battery charger is not going to do you any worthy. Many box mods, though, are powered by standard AA batteries that can easily be detached.

So long as your mod is armed with rechargeable batteries, and many mods will come out of the box with batteries that are intended to be recharged, you can use an exterior battery charger to charge your Vuse’s batteries.

Using an exterior battery charger is suggested for recharging a mod’s batteries since it can support preserving the battery’s life. If you don’t occur to have one lying around, you can find an exterior battery charger. This is a device that most Vuse shops will carry. 

Since exterior battery chargers are not Vuse-specific devices, however, you should also be able to buy them from almost any electronics store.

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5- Replace Mods Batteries

If you have lost the charger for a mod that has removable batteries, charging the batteries with an external battery charger is not the only option you have available. As we have already discussed, many box mods are powered by standard AA batteries, however, some may be powered by other kinds of batteries as well.

While the batteries that your mod comes pre-armed with are possible to be the rechargeable variety. Non-rechargeable batteries will work well as well if you happen to have the right type available. Changing your mod’s batteries each time they go dead is not the most reasonable solution, but it will work as a temporary fix if you are in a pinch.

Just keep in mind that if you do substitute the batteries in your mod with usual, non-rechargeable batteries. Plugging your mod back into its charger should you happen to catch it again is not going to do anything. With this being the situation, it’s the best idea to keep your mod’s rechargeable batteries on hand so that you can switch them back in again whenever you find your charger.

6- Charge Your Vuse With A DIY Charger

Here’s where things get a little delicate. If you have a charging cable available, but the charging cable does not have the right adapter that will allow it to be plugged into your Vuse. You can still make it work with tiny DIY engineering.

The procedure for charging a Vuse in this manner varies depending on the type of Vuse you are charging, so we will look at how to use a DIY charger to charge three different types of Vuses:

  • Vuse mods
  • Rechargeable Vuse pens
  • Disposable Vuse pens 

Yes, you read that correctly; even disposable Vuse pens that don’t have a charging port at all can be recharged with this method.


No matter what kind of Vuse you need to recharge, however, the first few steps of the procedure are the same.

  • Start by finding any charger that has a USB adapter. Micro-USB chargers will work nice, but for this technique, other kinds of chargers such as USB-C and lightning port chargers will work as well. As long as the last end of your charger is a USB adapter, you should be decent to go.
  • Then, take a pair of clippers and snip off the end of the charger that is meant to be plugged into your phone or alternative device.
  • Next, using a dexterity knife or another shrill blade, cut away about two inches of lining from the end that you snipped. This should depict both a red and black wire.
  • Once you find these two wires, use your blade to cut off the lining from them as well so that the copper wiring beneath is uncovered. With all of this complete, your DIY charger is prepared for use.
  • To recharge a JUUL using this DIY charger, you just need to insert the uncovered wiring on the red and black wires into the outmost slots at the JUUL’s base. If you look at the extremity of your JUUL, you should see 4 golden slots. 
  • Overlook the inner 2 slots and insert the exposed wires into the outmost slots, then place your JUUL on a flat surface so the wires will not slip out.

Keep Safe From Risks Of Exploding Batteries

So you have possibly seen a lot of viral videos of Vuse batteries exploding, correct? You have heard many stories of Vuse devices despairingly spoiled by such attempts to directly bring them into working order instead of waiting until a proficient charger is at hand? 

You know that in case you damage the battery in this way, you, at the very least, will have to purchase a new device. Because you will disrupt the warranty rules – and still you wonder how you can shove a wire of a suitable color into the exact hole just to see the cherished green light on your device?

Essential Preparation

  • Arrange a good video camera or at least a phone for recording. Make sure that the spot where the Vuse charging test without the exclusive charger will take place is well-lit. If conceivable, remove hoary socks and beer cans away from the camera’s eye.
  • Prepare an escape way, open the lock in advance and eliminate the chain from the door – who knows, maybe you have to immediately evacuate so as not to run into firefighters, neighbors, and the landlord.
  • Search for a good phone charger lead. Leave your phone alone with its wire for a while. Be elusive, let them say bye because this is their last meeting, and they will never meet again.
  • Arrange a sharp knife and ask yourself again: are you sure you need to do this? No worries at all? Well, then let’s get started and evoke, we warned you.
  • Don’t overlook turning on the camera. If the result does not work out, you can search on YouTube for the clip “How to charge a Vuse without a charger”.


  • Take the wire from the smartphone charger and pitilessly cut off USB-C, micro USB, or Lightning (depending on the model of your phone, which will here and now be left without power).
  • Cautiously cut the cover of the wire and pull out from the middle the two thin wires that used to lead to the charge of the connector from which your phone was charged.
  • If you are lucky, these 2 wires will turn out to be black and red.
  • Cautiously strip the lining off about half an inch so that you have two exposed contacts.
  • Grasp your Vuse so that the charge light and brand name are on top.
  • Still wisely insert the red wire into the middle opening on the end of your Vuse, and the black wire into the hovel to the left of the center one. Recall that while doing this
  • Well, if everything worked out properly, the green pointer should light up. Declaring that charging has begun and soon, very soon you will be able to Vuse again with your beloved vape, while charging is in headway, keep it all – your Vuse and both wires in your hands, and try not to wobble them. Sudden disruptions in the flow of charge will not make your device in good health.
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How To Charge A Disposable Vuse Using A DIY Charger?

There are some steps to follow to charge a disposable Vuse using a DIY charger;

  • Detach the bottom cap of the Vuse using a pair of pliers and gently remove the Vuse’s internal modules.
  • Find the Vuse’s battery, then find its positive and negative terminals. These should be marked with black (for negative) and red (for positive) complexion.
  • Shove the black wire against the battery’s negative terminal and the red wire against the battery’s positive terminal until your Vuse is charged or you run out of tolerance.

While it is conceivable to charge the batteries in a box mod using this DIY charger, we have got to be authentic and say that it is barely worth the effort. 

To charge a box mod with this technique, you will need to charge each battery separately by pressing the bare wires to the battery’s positive and negative terminals. Once again pressing the black wire alongside the negative terminal and the red wire against the red wire the positive terminal. 

Since up to 4 batteries can power box mods and since their power demands are so high, charging a box mod in this way has to be one of the most incompetent exercises known to man. If you are anxious, though, it can be completed.

Benefits Of Using A Vuse Alto Charger

Now you know that How to charge a vuse alto without a charger? There are many benefits to using a Vuse Alto charger, with saving time and money. Here are some of the most vibrant benefits:

  1. You will save time by not having to plug in your phone every time you have to charge it. When you have a Vuse Alto charger, you can simply plug it into power your smart phone and start charging immediately.
  2. For instance, if you are on a road trip and your phone is running dead on battery power, you can use the Flexi-Charge adapter to charge your smartphone while you drive.
  3. You will save dosh. A Vuse Alto charger is the best way to get your phone off the charger when it’s not in use. The Alto charger is proficient in charging while the phone is in use. Removing the need to plug it back into the wall outlet when you have overused it.
  4. It recharges your phone more quickly. The Alto charger is intended to recharge your phone much quicker than standard USB chargers. So you will be able to use your phone longer between charges.
  5. It’s the best way to keep the family together while itinerant.
  6. It’s best for dorm rooms, hotels, and rooms.
  7. It’s modish and easy to use.


If you want to charge your Vuse e-Pen, attach the abounding USB charging cable to the micro USB port on the base of the Vuse e-Pen. Attach the other end of the USB charging cable to the USB port of a computer or use a well-matched Vuse wall or car charger.

Almost all the Vuses we have seen either have a 5vdc micro-USB port- in which situation, yes, anything with a USB port on it, i.e. any phone ‘charger’ or even a USB port on a computer will do (though that will perhaps be a lot slower than normal) or detachable 18650 batteries.

Whether you can vape or not while your Vuse is charging depends on an uncommon factor. Some Vuse kits have ‘pass-through technology, which means the Vuse can be used while it’s on charge. Some cases of the devices which have this feature are the blu Ace, the Innokin Endura T20-S, and the Joyetech eGo AIO D22.

In that instance, you can use your normal micro USB or USB-C cable plugged into the mains with an Apple charger, but please keep in mind that this may cause battery contraction as the Apple charger will provide more power needed for the Vuse whilst charging.

A frequently used and well-looked-after Vuse e-Pod is intended to last a minimum of 12 months, depending on vaping behavior. After 12 months, the battery competency will depreciate due to recurrent charging (which is collected for all Lithium-ion batteries).

While the FDA has not supposed that the approved Vuse products are harmless, it has considered the evidence and concluded that the products offer a lower-risk alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, which contain significantly more toxic chemical constituents.

Vuse Alto pods originate in 3 best flavors, Golden Tobacco, Menthol, and Rich Tobacco. Flavors are offered in 3 nicotine strengths and multiple pod pack options. Vuse Solo, Ciro, and Vibe have 2 flavor selections, Original Tobacco and Menthol, each in a single nicotine forte.

The simple way is:

  • Place yours vape pen into the USB charging cable supplied with your Vuse.
  • Link the other end of the USB charging cable to the port (USB) of a computer.
  • While charging, white light will be displayed on the vape pen.