How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

TikTok, being one of the trendiest apps today, never fails to entertain the youth and all sorts of people. You might be using it just for fun or entertainment, but TikTok can be quite a promising app if used for more than just that.

We all know how Musal.ly became TikTok and all the sorts of videos and amazing content you can see or create using this app. But have you ever wondered how so many influencers earn through TikTok?

This article will explain the amazing tips and tricks on how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan. Especially, for people who want a platform to showcase their skills and talents in this world where inflation can be quite a mess, this blog is going to change your life for the better.

Steps on How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

The best thing about TikTok is that there are numerous methods by which you can earn money. How much money do you earn? That depends on each method. So follow up closely to see which method is the most suitable for you.

We suggest that you try out each one before you finalize or stick to the one.

Sign-up Rewards

First and foremost – create an account on TikTok! Assumingly, most of you already have an account on TikTok. But, if not then you can sign up on TikTok using your Facebook account or Google account.

Once you have signed up, you will receive 20,000 coins. (1000 coins = 1 PKR) so that means you’ll earn Rs. 20 on your sign-up. Signing up is important for all of the other steps as well, so make an account now and start earning!

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Use Referral Code

After signing up, put in your referral code and earn another 30,000 coins immediately. This will give you Rs. 30.

Invite Friends

Now, this method is useful and quite profitable if you have a huge social circle. Have lots of friends? Have lots of connections? You can earn a lot too then!

Invite your friends and ask them to

  • use your referral code. You’ll earn 60,000 coins (Rs. 60).
  • Watch videos for 3 days to earn 60,000 coins (Rs. 60).
  • Watch videos for 5 days to earn 120,000 coins (Rs. 120).
  • Watch videos for 7 days to earn 200,000 coins (Rs. 200).

Therefore, the total reward would equal Rs. 440 for each friend that you have invited. Remember, invite more friends to earn more.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Share Activity

Use the TikTok bonus option to earn 6000 coins every time by sharing an activity. Share the link of the video with your friends and family daily to earn Rs. 6 daily. You might think this amount is quite less, but remember if you share more links, you’ll earn more than just Rs. 6.

Upload Videos

Now that you have your account, why not use it wisely? Upload creative content on your profile that most people would like to see and engage in. You can find topics by searching trending topics and then creating a similar video.

Or, you can showcase your skills in your videos. Try vlogging, art videos, animation, singing, choreography, life hacks, food, and whatnot.

On each video you upload, you’ll earn Rs. 12 every day.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Watch Videos

We all spend time using our phones, but ever thought about watching videos just to earn money? TikTok provides you with this facility.

If you watch videos for

  • 5 minutes, you’ll earn 1100 coins,
  • 15 minutes, you’ll earn 3300 coins,
  • 25 minutes, you’ll earn 8800 coins.

Cross Promotions

Select a brand and simply cross-promote it on TikTok by making videos about it, in exchange for some money. The amount you earn and the brands approaching you depends on the followers you have.

So, if you have around 50000 followers then you can make a great amount of money out of it. Therefore, first, focus on gaining lots of followers.

Brands Deals

Many brands seek out influencers and people with a good following to promote their businesses. Therefore, they offer special deals and discounts to them. These brands are usually ready to pay you from their pockets just to promote their products, so it’s a win-win for both.

If you’re having hundreds of thousands of followers, then all you need to do is create informative, fun, and entertaining videos using their products or probably make a product review video on TikTok. You can then earn around Rs. 50,000 or more per promotion of each brand.

You can charge them per view or set an amount based on your follower count.

Brands searching for an affiliate marketing campaign can browse the marketplace and search the content made by the TikTok creators. This way, they can be sure to collaborate with you as well if you’re content is interesting.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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E-Commerce Business

Thinking of starting your own business? Create very useful and informative content for your products and promote it naturally before declaring your ownership to create some interest.

Talk about the numerous benefits of your product in the videos and promote it. You can brand your entire business using your TikTok account and gain numerous benefits from it!

You can start your merch, make creative unboxing videos, and share your TikTok video on all other platforms as well. Your fans will be the ones who will first purchase your merch.

You can add print-on demands stuff as well by contacting those companies. Some examples include notebooks, stickers, mugs, hats, tote bags, t-shirts, etc. your fans will connect with you more deeply if you’ve launched your merch. This way, you’ll earn more and you will gain more followers as well.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Join the TikTok Creator Fund

Revenue generated from the Creator Fund can vary from user to user. factors like followers, following, quality of content, post engagement, frequency of posts, and others depend on how much money can earn from TikTok Creator Fund.

If you are a beginner, then don’t go for this. First, build your profile and get some genuine followers.

Go Live And Collect Virtual Gifts

GO LIVE! Yes, you can do live streaming and connect with your followers in real-time. You can send or receive gifts and give discounts on your merch live as well. The gifts you receive can be redeemed for payment later.

Some tips for going live:

Choose the right time!

Check when most of your followers are online. Analyze the timings and days for a few weeks before going live. It’s important to go live when your audience is ready and active.

Stay live for a long time.

Don’t do live streaming for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you have enough information to give while you’re live so that more people can participate and engage with you.

Post a video while you’re live streaming.

Your followers can visit your live streaming by clicking on the video. It’s especially important for those who are new to your profile, just to increase the reach.

Use a strong internet connection.

Make the arrangements before going live, because inconveniences like bad internet connection, poor sound quality, or poor video quality can negatively affect your live streaming.

Partnership With Influencers

If you have enough followers and your profile is established, then you can reach out to influencers whose content aligns with yours. You can help promote their content as well in return for some amount of money.

One easy way is to join the Creator Marketplace which helps connect with the right brands or influencers, preferably with the same interests. TikTok creates valuable sponsored content so it’s easy for both parties. Hopefully, this answers how to earn on TikTok in Pakistan in a much easier way.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Create In-Feed Ads with TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok already has lots of organic marketing opportunities for everyone. However, if you want, you can increase the reach of your content by creating your in-feeds ads. You can do this by using the TikTok ads manager. This is one of the easiest ways if you’re thinking how to earn money on TikTok in Pakistan.

The ads appear in users’ ‘For You’ feeds and auto-play just like a normal TikTok video. If you pay for the ads, you can increase the reach to your audience and target the audience you want.

Tips On How To Earn From Tiktok In Pakistan

Now that we have discussed several ways how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan, here are a few tips for you to follow. Anyone can create videos but not everyone can earn with all types of content.

So make sure to follow these tips on how TikTokers earn money in Pakistan:

Understand Your Audience

Once you have set up your profile, you need to establish a key. The key defines what is targeting and what your audience likes. You need to build your content according to your audience so you get more reach, more post engagements, and therefore earn more money.

Do Not Annoy Your Audience

Don’t post content that irritates your audience, and don’t keep posting after every hour. Your audience will stop engaging with your posts. Set a timing of when you have to post, check when most of your audience is active, and then post daily.

Be Yourself

Social media can be fake and it can set standards that normal people would feel difficult to reach. Therefore, just be yourself. Do not copy content from other influencers. Give your audience genuine and top-notch content that describes YOUR personality.

Be Transparent

If you are promoting someone’s business or brand, you need to tell your audience that you are posting paid partnership content. It’s in TikTok’s disclosure for the ads.

Add hashtags

Hashtags are very important and can help your content reach numerous people around the world. They help in the ranking of your TikTok videos. This way, you can target your audience and increase your reach as well.

How To Earn Money From TikTok In Pakistan

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Get Inspiration From Your Favorite Creators

By getting inspiration, we do not mean copying content from others. Please refrain from copying others content! You can check how your favourite creators create content, get ideas from them, and create something new. Always add your actions to make the content more genuine.

You can check their accounts and see the trending topics. Then, you can create new videos on that topic.

Post Regular Content

Posting regularly can help a lot! This will enhance your video quality, and you’ll gain new followers every day. By posting regular content, your fans will never lose their interest in your profile and work. So, play it cool and create unique and trending, and fun content for your followers.

Don’t Lose Hope

If you’re not gaining followers immediately, don’t worry! Remember, good things can take time. Try to change your strategies and see which one works for you. Giving up is never a safe option. Remember your worth, keep learning every day, try out new things, and keep trying.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully with this article on how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan, now you’re able to build your own TikTok profile an earn money! You can share these tips with your friends and family as well who already have an account. It’s better to grow together and grow genuinely!


Yes, you can easily earn money from TikTok. You can earn around 50,000 to 2 lakhs a month.

You can start earning money by creating a partnership with brands and influencers, doing e-commerce, creating your brand, creating in-feed ads, and a lot more.

Yes, we can earn money from TikTok if we use it the right way. Some of the things you can do is creating your referral code and invite friends, watching videos, creating videos and gain huge engagement on them, interacting with brands, postpaid content, etc.

Alishba Anjum is one of the richest TikTok stars in Pakistan. She earns about 3 to 4 lakhs a month for her content.

You should have at least 5000 to 10,000 followers in your account. You also need at least 100000 views on your videos in the past 30 days.

TikTok does not pay you a salary how much money you can earn from TikTok depends on your efforts. You can earn about Rs. 50,000 to a few lakhs if you make serious efforts.

You’ll need to gain more followers if you want to earn money from TikTok. The average followers count is between 5000 to 10,000 or more.