How to Keep Pants Up with Big Belly?

If you’ve belly fat or are temporarily bloated for some reason, you can still look good. Your dressing sense is something that’s gonna make you stand out.

When you dress up with excess fat on your belly, the pants are more subjected to slide down. So, we have got it all covered as we’ve come up with the instructions that would assist you if you’re looking for how to keep pants up all the time, when you sit, lean or slouch.

The pants chosen wisely for huge bellies—even if aren’t high-end—accommodate all the excess fat and fit you snugly, all around the waist area. Below is a comprehensive guide explaining how to keep pants up with big belly.

Why Do Pants Keep Falling Down?

When you start putting on some weight, the first thing you realize is that you can’t wear your favorite clothes. Apart from the increased weight that can be your answer to why does my pants keep falling down, it can be caused by a few other reasons too:

Type of pants:

Stitching, cuts and designs of pants are the chief factors that should be considered if you’re looking for how to keep pants up with big belly. Low-rise bottoms, in contrast to high-waisted jeans, are wrapped lower down the waist, around the butt and thus these pants keep falling down if worn by those with large abdomens.

Pants are in contrast to your body size and shape:

Generally, ready-made garments are designed for general body shapes and sizes. If you think they don’t go well with your particular body, then get your pants stitched by a tailor, to perfectly fit your body shape.

Pants are either too tight or too loose:

Both these conditions aren’t favorable if you want your bottoms to stay in place, even after sitting.

The Correct Place to Wear Pants:

After selecting the pants according to your body type, the next important factor to consider is where exactly to wear them.

Individuals having a fat belly are usually seen confused about whether the pants should be worn above or below their belly. The specialists recommend wearing them over the belly, basically to hide their fat. Bottoms, if worn higher above the belly button, won’t expose your back when you’ll jump or lean back and forth.

High-waisted pants are best in this matter as they are positioned precisely on the waist— giving a slimmer appearance.

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Why Does My Pants Keep Falling Down After Putting on A Belt?

Belts are a go-to solution for holding the pants in place but at times, they don’t work well, mostly for chubby people. The reasons may be:

Flat hips: It is the key reason why pants keep falling down as the butt helps to hold on to the pants.

Heavy belts: If the belts have accessories on them, their weight could also be the reason for men’s pants falling down.

Belt holes don’t correspond to your body type: In belts, the holes are usually present in undesired spots, at places where after putting on the belt, it either gets more loose or tight than before.

Belts don’t go well with all pants: Belts aren’t suitable for all pant types i.e. high, mid or low-rise bottoms as belts are worn around the waist only.

Belts are uncomfortable and need to readjust: To keep pants from falling down, belts have to be tied tightly which can cause slight discomfort. Besides, if you sit and move around with belts on, they need readjustment.

Products That Keep Pants from Falling Down:

Apart from belts, some more reliable and permanent solutions for how to keep pants up with big belly are the use of the following products:

Wear suspenders:

Suspenders are a great option to prevent pants from sliding down. You can opt for hidden suspenders that can be worn below the shirts, unlike the traditional ones. They would be completely invisible when the shirt isn’t tugged in. They hold the bottoms in place without pressurizing the abdomen, giving an elegant end look.

All you have to do is to attach one end of the suspender with the front button of the bottom and one with the back one. Also, they can be removed from one pant and attached to the other one, with much ease. Just use suspenders, with any fabric of the pants and on any body size!

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Clip your pants:

Using clips to narrow down the pants can be far better and more convenient than altering them. All you have to do is to put the clips on your pant’s waistband and twist it at your desired distance.

If you want to loosen your pants for excessive movements or extra comfort, these clips can be quickly readjusted, without any complex steps.

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Purchase pants with elastic waistbands:

Looking for a permanent remedy for how to keep pants up with big belly? Buy bottoms having elastic waistbands. These bottoms can be adjusted according to your waist and belly size and can be readjusted as well— without pressing hard onto the stomach.

However, all pants types and styles don’t come with elastic bands.

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Try belt adjusters:

This way, you can keep pants up without suspenders or any other fancy accessories. If the belt holes are positioned such that it makes your bottoms lose or tight, opt for belt adjusters.

They are super comfy as they come without buckle and are stretchable. Just attach them on both pant sides and then adjust them according to your size.

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Go for custom-made pants:

If you don’t wanna get yourself in the hassle of all these products to keep pants from falling down, get pants stitched by a tailor that can perfectly fit your body. These tailored pants would hold all the belly fat, supporting the stomach. However, this option could be a bit costly.

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Make belts on your own:

Trying to find out how to keep pants up without suspenders? Go for cheaper options like making your belts if you don’t want to invest in various accessories designed for this purpose.

All you need is a cozy material cut longitudinally and tied according to the waist size and you’re good to go!

Try padded under wears:

As flat hips can cause men’s pants falling down, padded underwears can keep pants up without suspenders. They would make the butt prominent  and enlarge the waist. As a result, these underwears would keep pants firmly, in place.

Its only downside is that padded underwears aren’t an ideal solution for how to keep pants up in summer.

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Best Pants for Big Belly Man

If you’ve got belly fat and are worried about hiding it, we’re here for you as a detailed guide is provided here on how to hide belly fat in jeans and which pant types are best for you in this regard.

Go for pants with the optimal fit:

If you have stomach fat, then the most useful advice one can give you is to choose pants that fit you properly and are neither too tight nor too loose on your waist. Wear bottoms that are loose at places you’ve excess fat like thighs or hips. Pants with the right measurements can make you look presentable, regardless of the fabric of the bottoms used.

Avoid bottoms with adherent fabrics:

You need to switch from pants that stick closely to your skin and make your features even more prominent. Thus don’t buy pants made of silk or satin or any other sticky material as these kinds of fabrics would make your belly fat and folds look even bigger.

Wear high-waisted pants:

High-rise bottoms are most probably the best garment out there for those who want to keep pants from falling down. As they are worn up the navel, so they naturally make you look slimmer, without putting any extra effort or purchasing products for this particular reason.

Choose bottoms made of thin materials:

In case of a fat belly, pants made of thick materials can make you feel uncomfortable. As comfort should always be the top priority, so buy bottoms made up of breathable materials like cotton.

Purchase pants with flexible fabrics:

They would easily hold your extra fat. Overall flexible bottoms or ones with stretchy, elastic waistbands work best for how to hide fat belly. 

Opt for cargo pants:

If you’re searching for how to keep pants up with big belly and the best pants for this purpose, then give cargo pants a try! They are primarily made with quite loose fitting that would help accommodate your belly. Besides, cargo trousers have large pockets that are good for keeping your hands that would in turn provide grip, without the worry of pants keep falling down.

Formal clothing as dress pants is usually made to fit your curves and thus are a bit tight. So best pants for big belly man are usually the ones made for casual wear.

However, we’ll advise you to own your body. Don’t stop dressing up the way you like by getting conscious. But if you’re overweight, try to reduce it for staying healthy.

Final Thoughts – Is Big Belly Pants A Big Problem?

These temporary tactics can assist those who’re conscious about their body size in giving the illusion of an overall perfect figure but they aren’t permanent. You need to lose weight— primarily to stay healthy—with the additional benefit of a charismatic appearance, and thus can wear whatever you want without getting into fitting troubles.


If the belly pushes jeans down then women should wear loose bottoms. Also, they need to go for pants having large-sized pockets. These pockets with their hands inside will keep pants from falling down.

The use of suspenders can also prove to be a great solution as they hold the pants firmly in place, without compromising on fashion.