How To Play Gomoku

Surely, you are wondering what is Gomoku. Also, how do u play Gomoku? Gomoku is a popular tactical board game that is centuries old. It’s name is quite interesting, and so is the game. There are many variations of the game, but most are played with white and black stones. The best game for people who prefer a stimulating game to a tedious one any day.

The old board game Gomoku is not just common in the Orient. This intellectual strategy board game is rather adored in the occident too. But if you are still unaware of this magnificent game, you are in for a treat. For those who are thinking that they are going to have to wait to play it with their friends until after the whole social distancing situation seethes down, let’s put those terrific thoughts to rest.

Gomoku is sure to prove an inspiring pastime for you and your pals where you will have to absorb just the right amount of your brain, neither too much that it starts to feel like a task nor too less where you start to get jaded.

What is Gomoku?

Gomoku might be mentioned by various names depending on where you came from. Gomoku refers to 5 pieces in Japanese, while moku is a replacement for details.

To the Chinese, this game is called Wuziqi (Wu is the Chinese word for 5, and zi is the Chinses word for the piece).

Koreans sound like a Gomoku look, which means the same thing in Japanese. The game uses a 19 x 19 grating board. Go Bang was the name set to the new form of the game in Britain in the 19th century.

Since its initiation, Gomoku has gone through a slew of different guises and names. It is played worldwide, with other shapes and names, but with the same goal and the same set of protocols in place. This is the Gomoku origin that has great importance. Gomoku is a name for games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and CONNECT6.

Should You Start Playing Gomoku?

If you have not played Gomoku once already, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, we will walk you through the nitty-gritty so that you can start playing right away!

How To Play Gomoku?

There are some rules to playing Gomoku: collectively players can only make one move at a time, the last player to make a move is the winner, and the intention is to get all of your pieces into the same column. The game is simple to learn but can be fiendishly tough to master.

Tips To Play Gomoku

The first step is to form your grid. Each column should have at least 2 pieces, and no piece should be in more than one column. Once you have your grid setup, it’s time to start enjoying and playing!

To make a move, choose one of your pieces and place it on the board. On condition that there is at least one piece in each column, you are worthy to go. If you are enforced to move a piece that is not in a useable column, then your move will be bounced and you will have to try again after.

First and foremost, keep in mind that Gomoku is a very modest game. The object is to remove all your pieces from the board by taking two of your opponent’s pieces with yours. There are only 6 pieces on the board at any time, so it’s very easy to keep track of what’s going on.

Here are some basic tips for playing Gomoku;

  • Try to dodge taking too many perils or risks early in the game. It’s significant to conserve your pieces until you have a better and perfect chance of winning.
  • If you can’t find a way to detention one of your opponent’s pieces, try moving one of your pieces into position so that it can be taken later on.
  • Be persistent, and don’t get discouraged if things don’t go your way for a while. Ultimately, you will figure out how to win.

How To Add Gomoku To iMessage?

The main arising questions are now how do you play Gomoku on iPhone? how do you play Gomoku on iMessage? And how to play Gomoku on GamePiegion? So, to play Gomoku on iMessage or iPhone, you must first install the game within the Messages app. These games are exclusively payable with iMessage and are not reachable as independent apps.

  • Step#1: Open an iMessage chat thread by directing to the Messages application on your iPhone. You may either access an existing conversation or recruit a new one.
  • Step#2: Then, press the ‘Application Drawer icon found to the left of the text field for messages chat.
  • Step#3: The options for iMessage apps will show below. To launch the App Store, tap on the app store icon.
  • Step#4: Now, tap the search icon and look for the GamePigeon app. If you search instead for Gomoku, you will come up blank. GamePigeon is a collection of iMessage games that includes games like 8-ball pool, Gomoku, and Mancalatc.
  • Step#5: Click ‘Get’ to add GamePigeon to your list of iMessage apps.
how to play gomoku on imessage

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Getting Started With Gomoku

Now that the game is really on your mobile phone, it’s time to get down to the business of enjoying it. After installing this app, return to the application drawer by closing the app store. Swipe left to access the icons on the right and then tap the ‘GamePigeon’ icon.

It will show all accessible games. Tap the Gomoku thumbnail portrait. The game will load into the textbox having the message. To send the game invitation, use the ‘send’ button. If the other player selects to engage in a game with you, they will have the first turn.

Gomoku Board Game Rules

Although it may surprise, Gomoku holds an important edge over the first player. There are just a few limitations limiting this advantage and keeping the game from becoming biased. Swap 2 is the most general rule espoused in the Gomoku World Championships. Here are some Gomoku rules to obey as below;


Freestyle Gomoku is a simple board game that you can play at home without instructions for either player. To win the game, each player must intend to form a line of 5 or more stones in each round. The first player wins the game to achieve this deliberately.


Swap rules are forthright. It is up to the first player to set 3 stones on the board, with 2 black and one white. The second player then selects a color to play with, and the game continues.

How To Play Gomoku rules

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The First Player Advantage In Gomoku

 The player who gets the first turn usually enjoys a plus advantage that enhances their odds of winning over the second player. So, when you want to have a match of Gomoku, the first approach you can employ is to get your friend to send you the game call so you can have the first turn!

The Gomoku contests verified The ‘Pro’ standard opening. They advised that the first player place the first stone in the middle of the board. The placing of the second player’s pebbles was unhampered.

The 2nd stone of the first player was obligatory to be at least 3 connections away from their initial tile. Gomoku executed this regulation for the 1989 and 1991 world championships.

Practice Your Gomoku Skills

Now if you are looking for an application where you can practice your Gomoku skills, try the Gomoku League app. Play games and repeat them to learn what works.


  • 4 layers of AI players: The first level is perfect for learning how to play Gomoku. Advanced levels test you to see just how good you are.
  • AI versus AI: Moreover, playing against the computer, you can pit one AI player against another to see who is the superior player.
  • Replay: Use the replay screen to learn the most recently completed game. Find out what you did right or what you did a mistake. Playback or fast forward through the moves of your game.
  • Advice: Use the advice module to support you think through your moves.
  • Private league, offline: Your competition is exact there on your device. No waiting for other players to be connected.
  • Standing: the standings show each player’s rating and record. A rating number is a number such as the rating used for chess players. When you win a game, your rating goes high and your opponents goes low.

This is the best way to get grip on how to win Gomoku because it is the perfect Gomoku strategy Reddit to follow.

Final Thoughts – Is Gomoku The Right Game For You?

The person that acquires the first turn has the edge over the second player, which increases their chances of winning. If you’d need to play Gomoku with a friend, you should request them to issue you the game invitation so you may take the first round.

To enjoy Gomoku with your mates, you will need to use accurately the perfect amount of your cerebral power, not so tiny that it becomes a chore, but not so much that you grow tired.

Gomoku is indisputably an amusing game that combines mental stimulation, enjoyment, and amusement. We have gathered the precise information to provide you with an accurate Gomoku strategy guide above.

It is tough enough to prevent boredom and offers adequate mental stimulation. I hope that you found this guide very enlightening and that you will soon be playing Gomoku very well with your pals.