How To Remove Blade From Razor?

If you are a man with a thick and nice beard, you’re probably relying on razors and blades a lot. You might already be familiar with changing blades.

But, if you are a guy who has just started using a razor, you will need this expertise. Altering or removing blades is very simple even, anyone can do that. We are going to elaborate how to remove blade from razor in few simple steps in this blog.

Learning how to take apart razor blades is important otherwise you can hurt yourself severely. 

You need to be cautious because neither you nor we need any injuries. So, follow the step-by-step guidelines in this article for making your beard-life a lot simpler.

How To Get The Blade Out Of A Razor?

It is quite simple to remove the blade from a safety razor by a safe means. If you are a safety razor user, you should swap the blades often to certify a close shave. Plus, it adds to hygiene and removes any chances for you to catch infections.

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When Is The Right Time To Change The Blade?

It might be problematic to discern when to change the blade on a safety razor. When you feel tugging or pulling during shaving, change that blade.

Take note of the early few strokes of your shave. If the blade senses like it is dragging on your beard, it’s time to change it! If your face feels rough after shaving, or if there are razor crashes and markings, this is a hint that you should change the blades before you shave again.

If you check the blade on your hand, you threaten to cut yourself or damage the razor if it is not already dull.

Steps On How To Remove Blade From Razor

The following steps will lead you to know how to remove blades from a razor in the most effective manner.

To Disclose The Blade, Turn The Razor Handle Anticlockwise

Grip the handle with your leading hand and the razor head with your other hand. Then, depending on the shaving razor, turn the handle to the left until the head starts to isolate from the handle or the top of the head opens to show the blade.

There are numerous varieties of safety razors, and the blades on some of them come out contrarily. As you turn the handle, keep an eye on the razor’s crown.

Take care not to hold the razor on its side or inverted parts. In definite settings, the razor may simply slide out of the cranium.

Remove The Current Blade From The Razor’s Crown

Lift the side of the blade carefully out of the head with your fingers or a larding knife. As you eliminate the blade, try not to come into contact with its harsh edges.

When you eliminate the blade, you can cover it and dispose it safely to aid the environment. it’s important to take protective measures.

Insert A New Blade Into The Head’s Open Slot

Replace the used blade with a new one and mildly slip it into the slot on the head. Usually, the blade will have words or darts inscribed on it to ensure that it is pointing in a suitable direction. If you don’t have a cartridge or holder for your other blade, use extreme restraint while using it.

Close The Head And Protect The Blade By Twisting The Handle Clockwise

After slotting in the blade, change any pieces that may be covering the blade and turn the handle in the other way to tighten up the head. Tilt the razor sensibly onto its side to check that the blade is protected and will not fall out of the head.

When the head is entirely secure, some grips will lock into place, but many of them will not.

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How To Change The Blade Of A Gillette Venus Or Disposable Razor?

Altering the razor blades of a disposable razor is even modest than a safety razor. Here are the steps to show you, how to change the razor blade of the disposable razor or Gillette Venus.

Grip The Razor Blade In The Right Position

Grip the head of the razor blade in a non-dominant hand in a side-wise spot, not from the facade side. Hold the razor hand in your leading hand.

While doing this, be careful as you want to keep your dominant hand safe. Though, you may know impulsively how to hold the razor.

Put The Thumb On The Button On The Neck Of The Razor And Press It

When you have held the razor correctly. Put your thumb on the button on the neck of the disposable razor with the hand you are holding the handle.

During pressing also pull the disposable razor head with the other hand. Now, the head and handle should be detached. If not, try to apprehend the prior steps.

Push A Fresh Razor Blade On A Handle

If you have detached the razor blade from the handle, it’s time to change the old razor with a new one.

Open a fresh razor blade and push it into the razor handle. It should simply fit into the handle. Now you got a new razor blade with the old grip. Exciting huh? Now push it into the disposable blade. It’ll be done, but be careful while doing this because it may cut your finger skin due to sharp edges.

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How To Take Separate Razor Blades?

When you separately take the disposable razor blade, you will need a candle or a lighter, tweezers or needle-nose pliers, and a matchbox.

You need to be cautious when you are using these gears because you can certainly hurt yourself with hot plastic or with a candle! And believe me, hot plastic gives the sorest wound.

A little personal experience: I completed the procedure with not trouble at first. But, when I tried it the second time, I became overexcited, so I overheated the plastic and accidently put a droplet of hot melting plastic on my hand when I was looking somewhere else. And I truly don’t want you to experience that sore I experienced afterwards.

So, a gentle advice to you is not to become over-optimistic and be careful. No matter how much of an expert you are. You are here, so I am supposing you are struggling through changing blades.

Prepare All Essential Tools

Distinct straight razors or safety razors, you can’t sharpen or replace your blades of one-use razors. Also, you should not throw it into the garbage bin since collecting the garbage can be risky with blades.

Consequently, if you want to take separately dispose of your blades securely, this is the list of kinds of stuff that you need to eradicate the blades from a disposable shaving razor:

Gears you will need

  • Tweezers although needle-nose plier does a superior job
  • Lighter or candle Matchbox 
  • And obviously, the one-use razor itself

Soften The Plastic With The Lighter Flame

Now, the authentic process begins.

Lighten up the lighter and hold the disposable razor above the lighter for 15 to 20 seconds on each side.

Don’t over-melt the plastic otherwise, it will coat the blade of a razor with plastic. Razors are not prepared with grander plastics, so they are simply melted.

Grab A Blade With Needle-Nose Pliers Or Tweezer

It’s time to take separate blades from razors. Both sides of the razor are unstiffened. Now instantly take needle nose pliers and take hold of the topmost blade.

Does not matter if there are 2, 3, or 5 blades. Start with the upper blade. Although, if there are only 2 blades. You can start with upper or lowermost. But if there are more blades, then only start with the topmost blade.

Hope you won’t get hurt during the procedure. But, if you do, use a drizzly towel on the wound, and don’t scrape plastic from the wound instantly.

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How To Prolong The Life Of Disposable Razors?

The steps below may not prolong the life of your razor forever but will support keeping your disposable razor in a good state for a while.

Keep Your Razor Dry And Clean

Habitually wash your razor after use with a cleanser and a small brush. After washing is finished, dip your disposable razor in alcohol to execute bacteria and also to evaporate any water dews that have accumulated on the knife.

This will support keeping your knives clean, avoiding bacteria buildup and erosion.

Store Dry

After finishing the cleaning step, you need to dry it with a lenient cloth and store the razor in a dry place, away from water and high moisture.

Keep Sharpness

To prolong the life of your disposable razor once in a while, you can’t overlook sharpening and oiling your razor.

Use the razor blade about 15 to 20 times over old jeans in the reverse direction of how you generally shave. Then, apply 1 to 2 droplets of baby oil evenly on the blade to lubricate it and prevent corrosion.

Can Disposable Razors Be Used Multiple Times?

Using disposable razors has altered implications depending on your face, hair, and how frequently you shave. In realism, you can use your disposable razors over and over again by washing and sharpening the blades after each use.

If your hair is not very dense, you can use your disposable for up to a month by using it 3 to 4 times per week. Though, if you have denser and rough hair, you might have to replace it with new one more often.

Take The Blade Out Of A Sharpener Deprived Of A Screwdriver

Just turn the sharpener upside down so the blade easily falls out. You may have to give it a little quiver. 

Grip the sharpener close to the slab so the blade does not bounce when it comes out. Do not try to pull the blade out with your forefinger.

Disassemble A Safety Razor

Removing the blade is straightforward, irrespective of if you use a Rockwell Razor or a safety razor from another creator. 

If you use a Rockwell Razor for the shave, take a grip of the head of the razor using a towel at the side tabs using your thumb and forefinger. Now, turn the grip of the razor, untying it from the head.

How Many Shaves Should A Razor Last?

Normally a razor lasts for 5 to 10 shaves. Preferably, you want to change your razor blade after 5 to 10 shaves. Gillette actually indorses 5 to 7 shaves, but this is just a common rule and it truly comes down more to the thickness and density of your facial hair.

Final Thoughts

Altering the blade of the safety razor and a disposable razor is the calmest task you can do. But taking separately the disposal razor blade is hard and sometimes may even hurt.

If you are taking apart the razor blades cautiously, it is quite an informal task, but you can easily wound yourself. Hopefully, the above guidelines are helpful for you to know how to remove blade from razor. These guidelines are simple, you won’t find them hard to follow. Last but not least, please dredge up to be careful and not injure yourself.


The flame of a lighter or a candle makes the task much more informal than other methods. I advise you to operate such an option. Though, you can also use a knife. It must be very shrill. So, you should cut off the top protection and get one blade. And then cut the next plastic layer and get the rest. This route is also hazardous because you can cut your hands with a knife.

If we are talking about a disposable cartridge and the wrapping is plastic, then the task is humble. We press on one side from the exterior. The package impulses the head itself. If you need to eradicate a sharp blade, then wisely open the box. Holding it in the dominant hand, sensibly open the other. So, one side of your razor blade should be paperless. Mildly take it in parallel with 2 fingers.

As an imperative, you should see a cut or a button on the matching tools. Get on it, and the head should come off the grip. Then take a fresh head, and attach it to the grip with a squeeze. 

A girl should shave pubic hair after every two to three days. How often you shave depends on your heredity and your ideal result. In common, we recommend shaving every 2 to 3 days if you want a clean shave, 3 to 5 days if you want to simply style or trim, and if you need to just let your hair grow, then just stop shaving.

An electric razor contains the following parts;

  • A rechargeable battery 
  • A switch 
  • An electric engine-motor
  • A gear structure 
  • The blades that cut the sideburns

There are numerous ways to get hair out of razor. The easy way is to use toothbrush for cleaning purpose or get hair out of razor. Another way is, rub the razor to a jeans pant or towel in opposite side. By this way, the small hairs get easily out of the razor.

Hold the handle in your leading hand and use the other hand to grip the head of the razor. Then, swap the handle to the left until the head begins to the distinct from the handle or the top of the head opens up to disclose the blade, depending on the disposable razor.