How To Wash Ruggable

Ruggable is a famous brand that creates easy-to-care-for rugs. Their rugs include a proprietary design with two layers: the rug cover and a flat or cushioned non-slip pad.

Even though we all want our rugs to look spotless, accidents sometimes happen and this leads to pet mishaps, red wine spills, mustard stains, and muddy shoes.

Ruggable invents rugs that can thankfully be washed in the convenience of your home, just like your bed linens and duvets. Because of this, all Ruggable rugs can be washed to maintain their aesthetic quality. You need to learn the right way to wash them, so follow the guide to learn how to wash Ruggable.

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The Correct Steps On How To Wash Ruggable

Owners of Ruggable rugs advise cleaning or shaking your rug outside before washing to keep extra dirt or hair out of the washing machine. Since many household vacuums are made to clean wall-to-wall carpets and hardwood, choosing the proper settings, attachments, procedures, and vacuum type is essential for achieving the best results.

How To Vacuum Ruggable Rugs


Ruggable recommends setting your vacuum to a reduced or low-power setting. Additionally, if your vacuum has one, choose the high-pile height setting.


If the revolving brush on your vacuum is working, you must use soft brittles. Therefore, refrain from using the beater bar brush so that the fibers of the rug covers can fluff up after cleaning. Avoid vacuuming the edges and corners of your Ruggable rug if you must use hard-bristled spinning brushes to extend the life of its connecting closure.

Vacuuming technique

Depending on how effectively your rug cover and pad are attached, you should also think about the best vacuuming strategies. Your new Ruggable rugs may be vacuumed using a push-and-pull method.

Type of vacuum

Robot vacuums shouldn’t be used on Ruggable rugs since they apply a lot of suction to the corners and edges of the rug, perhaps harming the closure system. However, as long as you select the low suction/power option, you can use the upright, stick, and canister vacuums on the carpets.

Should You Wash or Spot-Clean your Ruggable?

Due to its inherent stain resistance, your Ruggable rug can be spot cleaned just as easily as it can be washed in the washing machine. Simply wipe the area with a mild, non-bleach detergent to clean up small spills. It’s usually advisable to wash your Rug Cover right away after big spills (such as marinara sauce or red wine) to prevent any damage.

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How to Clean Your Ruggable Rug or Spot Clean It

If you can’t get the spill out with the vacuum or aren’t ready to clean the whole rug, spot cleaning is your best option. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. If a liquid is spilled on your Ruggable rug, use a microfiber cloth to wipe up the majority of it. Fortunately, because the Ruggable rug is made of water, no liquid or stain will penetrate it. However, once the liquid has dried, it can leave behind a smell, therefore you must move on to the following cleaning step.
  2. Once you’ve gathered all the liquid, apply a light detergent or stain remover to get rid of any leftover spill odor and residue. For this cleaning procedure, a moist microfiber cloth can be used. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the rug, let it dry on the floor or spread it outside to dry more quickly and get rid of odors.

How to Wash a Ruggable Rug in a Machine

Peel the Rug Cover off the Rug Pad when you’re ready to wash your rug, then put it in the washer with the design or pile side facing out. Keep in mind that only the Rug Cover can be machine-washed. Clean it as instructed below.

Step 1:

The Ruggable rug pad and cover should be separated. Keep in mind that only the rug covers can be machine washed; the rug pad should be left on the floor.

Step 2:

Placing the pile or design side out, wash the Ruggable rug cover in the washing machine. This is crucial because you want the spill to be directly exposed to water and detergent. After all, it won’t have soaked through the interior of the rug cover.

Step 3:

For cleaning, incorporate a gentle detergent. Use only non-bleach detergent, especially if your rug is colored, to prevent fading of the hues. Ruggable claims that you can add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the wash instead of using fabric softener to get rid of pet scents. White vinegar works well to get rid of odors and is also a safer option than fabric softeners.

Step 4:

Start the washing cycle with cold water and a delicate setting. Since cold water does not harm the rug’s fluff, it is perfect for keeping the rug in top condition. Verify that the spill is thoroughly cleaned up when the cycle is finished, and if not, perform another wash cycle.

Step 5:

After cleaning, place the rug cover outside to dry. If the weather isn’t ideal outside, you may simply dry it inside a dryer. Your Ruggable rug’s type will, however, determine how the drying process goes. For example, you can dry your Chenille, Plush, or Outdoor rug using the lowest heat setting. Ruggable shag rugs, on the other hand, must be dried using the low tumble setting or the air-fluff setting.

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Tips On How To Wash Ruggable Rugs According To Owners Of Ruggable Rug

Wash on delicate

Owners of rugs on Ruggable recommend washing them on a delicate cycle to prevent unnecessary wear and keep them looking their best. This will help your rug maintain its best appearance for a longer time. To prevent possible damage, we advise hand-washing your rug cover.

Use a mild (and effective) detergent

Ruggable rugs should be washed with a gentle, non-bleach detergent, as we highly recommend. Ruggable rug owners have their preferred detergents that work best for them if you need specific recommendations.

The OxiClean White Revive, powdered Tide, and Tide Pods are some of our customers’ favourites. Baking soda was also suggested as a way to get rid of odours, improve the effectiveness of the detergent, and keep light colours appearing vibrant. To remove pet stains and odors, white vinegar also works great!

Do an extra rinse cycle

Owners of Ruggable rugs claim that giving the Rug Cover an extra washing cycle is helpful. This is to guarantee that the detergent is completely removed, along with any remaining dirt and hair.

Air-dry your rug

Instead of using a dryer, let your rug air dry for the best results. To minimize the amount of time you spend without a rug, one Ruggable rug owner advises washing your rug in the evening and letting it dry overnight.

If your dryer has a delicate or air-fluff setting, you can tumble-dry a plush rug on those settings. To protect the rug’s fibers from deterioration, only use very low heat throughout the washing and drying processes.


Yes. Because of the innovative two-piece rug design, you can always take off the rug cover and machine wash it. The rug pad cannot be machine washed, but it may be easily vacuumed or spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

Top load, front load, and washer-dryer combo washing machines can all be used to clean the carpets. To maintain the integrity of the pile material and the closure loops, only use cold water.

After a significant spill, you should wash your Ruggable rug cover right away. If you do not spill liquids on the rugs, vacuum them as frequently as you do other carpets, and then wash them in a machine at least twice a year.

To preserve the quality and color of the Bath Mat Rug Covers, we do not advise using bleach when washing them.