Mehran Car In Depth Review

Today, we’re bringing you a thorough assessment of Pakistan’s most popular car, the Suzuki Mehran. In Pakistan, the Suzuki Mehran automobile was introduced in 1989. In the interim, this car debuted on the local market in 1989 and was phased out starting in 2019

This car is available for between Rs. 6 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh. Suzuki Mehran is offered in four different configurations: Suzuki Mehran Vx, Suzuki Mehran VX CNG, Suzuki Mehran VXR, and Suzuki Mehran VXR CNG.

Popularity And History of Mehran Car

The Suzuki Mehran car replaced the Suzuki fx car in 1989 with the name Alto which was later on changed to Suzuki Mehran. It is a well-known car by the name of Boss in Pakistan. Most people’s first car in Pakistan was Suzuki Mehran because it was an entry-level car.

People who were searching to jump from a 2-wheel drive to 4 wheel drive vehicle bought Mehran. In 2012, a new version of the Suzuki Mehran Euro-II was released, with the sole significant change being the switch from the prior model’s carburetor to an electronic fuel injection system

Mehran car is available in every corner of Pakistan. It is the small and easy-to-drive car. Its major competitors United BravoPrince Pearl, and Daihatsu Mira

mehran Car

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Features Of Mehran Car

The front-wheel-drive vehicle has a 4-speed manual transmission and a non-power steering wheel. The automobile is fuel- and CNG-compatible. Mehran car has 4 doors and the sitting capacity is for 5 persons

Good off-road capability and can be driven on all kinds of roads. Mehran car has high durability. The interior is low quality built with plastic being the main source used in every aspect of the car from the dashboard to door panels and buttons.  

Engine power

A 796cc 0.8 Liter OHC 6 Valve Inline-3 engine powers the Suzuki Mehran.

Size of Mehran car

The car measures 3300 mm and has an overall width of 1405 mm. The car’s height is 1,410 mm while having a wheelbase of 2,175 mm 85.6 in Tread front: 1,215 mm 47.8 in Tread rear: 1,200 mm 47.2 in Minimum turning radius: 2.4 m 7.9 ft


MacPherson struts up in the front and down back with leaf springs.

The car has good hard suspension and can be traveled in the northern areas easily where the roads are bumpy.


Front: Drums, Rear: Drums

The Mehran car has said to have bad brakes.

Variety of colors

Mehran Car offered various colors the most common colors of which are: Solid White, Solid White Graphite, Grey Graphite, Grey Silky, Silver, Silky Silver, Pearl Red.

Availability of mechanics

As it is such an old vehicle launched in 1989 all the mechanics know its works and you can get your car fixed at the earliest.

Fuel average

It is a very fuel-efficient vehicle and is said to 12 km to 13km per liter in inter-city and 15 km to 16km on a long route. The cost of changing the car’s Mobil oil when it has covered 3500 kilometers is between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3000.

This car can hold 30 liters of petrol in its tank. However many car owners of the Suzuki Mehran complain about its fuel average as there are many variants of the car the fuel average varies differently for every variant. 

Part availability of cheap spare parts

Suzuki Mehran car has very cheap spare parts available everywhere in Pakistan. You can find its front bumper at Rs:1500, brake lights at Rs:500, and four front indicators between Rs:300 and Rs:400.

Known Faults In Mehran Car

The car is not a high quality built and is made of poor metal quality. The passengers in the car struggle with the main problem of leg space however passengers sitting in the back of the car struggle more for little leg space and a problem for tall people’s headspace as well. 

The Mehran car has no space for luggage in the trunk if there is a CNG cylinder however if there isn’t a CNG cylinder then little space can be made for luggage.

The Ac of the Mehran car heated up in the summers before the 2012 variant of the car later on after the 2012 variant this issue was fixed. The Ac also trips and fuses. The car is very fragile and it doesn’t come with any airbags which put the life of the driver and the passengers at risk in an accident.

mehran car

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Mehran car weight

The weight of the car is 1330kg including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment.

Missing features

It didn’t come with a seatbelt at first but in later models, seatbelts were installed.

Horsepower and torque

Horse Power: 39bhp @5500RPM

Torque: 59 NM @3000RPM

Max speed

140 KM/H

mehran car

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Value For Money

The Suzuki Mehran is a small and cheap car it is affordable and a good car for family use. The car is not as much value for money because of no safety features in the car and the low build quality. However, the Suzuki Mehran is a cashback car that has a high resale value in the market.

Mehran Car Price In Pakistan

Mehran car price in Pakistan when launched was priced at Rs:90000. Mehran car price in Pakistan in 2022 is between Rs:6 lakh and Rs:10 lakh.

Where To Buy Mehran Car

If you want to buy there are more than 200+ cars listed for sale on pakwheeels.com there are also Mehran cars for sale on Olx, to find automobiles in Lahore, specifically search Mehran car Olx Lahore.

Why Should Anyone Buy Mehran Car?

This is one of the main reasons why Suzuki Mehran is becoming more and more popular. A person with a fixed income who can’t afford the high prices of Honda and Toyota cars can take advantage of Suzuki Mehran as it is affordable in both price and fuel consumption.

The availability of parts and ease of repairs is one of the best things about Suzuki Mehran. You can easily find spare parts for it as well as mechanics who will be able to repair your car back to normal. This is even in case of a breakdown. Very few cars can provide you with such peace of mind as Suzuki Mehran.


Mehran car price in Pakistan in 2022 is between Rs. 6 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh.

A Japanese automaker business created the Suzuki Mehran at first.

Japan was the one that started with the production of Mehran cars.

The chairman of Mehran Group of Industries is Gul Muhammad Lot.

No it isn’t because the new alto offers more features than mehran.

It is said to 12 km to 13km per litre in  inter city and 15 km 16km on a long route.

No, it doesn’t have an ac in models before 2012. But the later models come with AC feature.

Yes Mehran is a fuel efficient car