Prince Pearl Car

Today we are bringing a detailed review of the Prince Pearl Car. In Pakistan the Prince Pearl car was launched on February 2020 by regal automobiles and DFSK prince, it was the company’s first hatchback car in Pakistan. This car is available for Rs. 15.4lacs.

However, the question now arises, is this the car you’re really looking for? Find out more about the Prince Pearl Car below. You may find it suitable or not at all.

Features of Prince Pearl Car

The front-wheel-drive vehicle has a 4-speed manual transmission and power steering wheel. The automobile is petrol capable only.

The Prince Pearl car has 4 doors and a sitting capacity for 5 persons. It also has the good off-road capability and can be driven on all kinds of roads and terrains. Prince Pearl car comes with the impressive features of Power windows, power side mirrors, and power door locks.

The car also comes with a built-in 9-inch LCD android touchscreen which supports all the features like radio, Bluetooth, mp3 support, a USB port, and an aux cable. A spare tire is also given in the trunk with a puncture tool kit which is a very good feature that doesn’t come in all vehicles of this car’s competitors.

Prince Pearl car comes with beautiful 13-inch alloy rims. The car comes with a keyless entry option and auto door locking which makes it a unique car in its price segment. Its interior includes a Digital tachometer, temperature gauge, gear indication, trip meter, and fuel gauge.

The ride is comfortable for the passengers sitting in the back of the car and has enough leg space for everyone. The vehicle also has a reverse camera. With fog lamps, Optional airbags, safety belts, and child locks it has all the features that a high-segment car has.

The seats of the car are fabric wrapped. It also comes with an air conditioner that performs well in the summer and doesn’t have any problems with tripping and fusing. The headrest is also available for passengers sitting in the back. The car also has minimal cabin noise. 

Prince Pearl Car

Image Source:  chinacarforums

Engine power

Under the hood, it has a 796 cc EFI OHC inline 3-cylinder engine.

Size of Prince Pearl car

The car measures 3610mm in length, 1570mm in width, and 1490mm in height having a ground clearance of 145mm.


Macpherson Strut was installed in the rear and also in the front.


Front: discs  Rear: Drums

Variety of colors

The car comes in 7 different beautiful colors that are Silver, Dark Brown, Aqua Green, Harvard Blue, Noble White, Rio Tomato, and Beige.

Availability of mechanics

There are mechanics everywhere around Pakistan that can maintain and fix Prince Pearl car in no time as such it doesn’t any issues with the availability of mechanics.

Fuel average

It is a very fuel-efficient vehicle and is said to give 12 km to 13km per liter in inter-city and 15 km to 16km on a long route. The cost of changing the car’s Mobil oil when it has covered 3500 kilometers is between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3000

This car can hold 27 liters of petrol in its tank. Prince Pearl car fuel average also depends on the way the driver is driving the car.

Part availability of cheap spare parts

Maintainance is easy because its spare parts are available in the market at affordable rates.

Known Faults In Prince Pearl Car

Prince Pearl faults include the acceleration of the car being laggy. The car is said to have poor build quality. Storage space is comprised of the trunk because of a spare tire given but it can be turned into a large trunk space if the spare tire is removed and the back seats are folded. 

The car wobbles a bit on a plain path but it doesn’t wobble on rough paths where roads are damaged as the suspension of the car is quite good.

The driver’s seat is slightly uncomfortable because the controls are on the opposite side of the steering wheel, the indicators of the car are on the left side of the steering wheel and the wipers are on the right side so the person has to get used to it as it’s a Chinese car

Prince Pearl Car’s speaker’s volume is a bit low and new speakers have to be installed for better and louder sound quality. The high-speed handling of the car is quite poor.  

Prince Pearl Car

Image Source: pakwheels

Prince Pearl car weight

The weight of the car is 735kg including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment.

Missing features

The car doesn’t have such missing features but overall it is a great car with so many features in it.

Horsepower and torque

40HP @5500RPM

60.5Nm @3500RPM

Max speed

150 KM/H

Prince Pearl Car

Image Source: pakwheels

Value For Money

The Prince Pearl car is easy to drive and an awesome car for a family. It is an affordable car that has many features which its competitors don’t even provide. The car provides a satisfactory performance at its price. However, its dealership network is not strong and there is less market acceptability for the Prince Pearl car as it is a Chinese brand car. Prince Pearl car resale value in the market is also low.

Prince Pearl Car Price In Pakistan

Prince Pearl car price when launched was priced at Rs. 10.5lacs. Prince Pearl car price in Pakistan nowadays is Rs. 15.4lacs

Why Should Anyone Buy Prince Pearl Car?

Prince Pearl has 2 competitors in the market united bravo and Suzuki alto.

Due to its previously established and devoted customer base in Pakistan, Suzuki Alto is a very powerful competitor. Compared to Prince Pearl, Alto boasts superior fuel efficiency, a more stable ride, and higher ground clearance. Prince Pearl, on the other hand, costs less than the Alto and has a few extra features in the vehicle.

Given that they both share many traits, United Bravo and Prince Pearl are also rivals. The cars are nearly equal in terms of size, power, and mileage. The Bravo has a larger gasoline tank and greater comfort amenities inside the vehicle. The market pricing of the two cars is very similar.

If you are looking for cheaper options, you can go for Fx Car, Alto, Suzuki Mehran, etc.


The Prince Pearl car is good because it provides many features that its price segment cars don’t offer.

China makes Prince Pearl’s car.

The Prince Pearl car cost around Rs. 15.4lacs in Pakistan in 2022

Prince Pearl is a car launched by regal automobiles and DFSK prince.