Skin Aqua Sunblock

When it comes to choosing the best skin aqua sunblock, you might need some guidance as skin aqua offers a wide variety of sunscreens — out of which some are suitable for each skin type while a few are formulated for specific skin combinations. Rohto Pharmaceutical (Rohto Mentholatum) is a Japanese-based company that is known to produce skincare products and medicines. Skin Aqua is amongst some of the most famous brands that manufacture their entire skincare range, along with Obagi and Melano CC. However, in some particular regions like southeast Asian countries, skin aqua products are also processed by Sun play brand.

Now beli skin aqua dimana i.e. where to buy it from is quite simple. Obviously, you can purchase directly from their website but the shipment from Japan would take many days (almost a month). Buying skin aqua sunblock online in Pakistan is a much better option as you can get it through various online websites and retailers, selling authentic international skincare products. 

If you wanna have supple, plump skin, then purchase sunblock after reading this detailed review sunscreen skin aqua SPF 30 to 50+ given below that covers the top 10 sunscreens:

Skin Aqua Sunblock Review:

If you wanna have supple, plump skin, then purchase sunblock after reading this detailed review sunscreen skin aqua SPF 30 to 50+ given below that covers the top 10 sunscreens:

Rohto Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++ 

Skin Aqua Sunblock 2

Image Source: skinsort

Seeing its toning-up nature on the packaging, you might get a little conscious that it would cause your skin to look unnaturally bright. 

But large positive reviews of this best-selling aqua product prove that it would help even out your skin tone by giving you a glowing effect instantly with a tinge of natural brightening. So if you’re looking for a skin aqua sunblock with color-correcting and toning-up properties, this one is for you! You can get this skin aqua sunblock online Pakistan for Rs. 8600


: Its consistency is a bit lighter than the gels. This 80 g product’s texture is smooth, that is neither very thick nor too runny therefore it won’t let your pores clog. 

This sunscreen skin aqua SPF 50 has an exactly similar texture to that of Biore UV Aqua sunscreen. The moisturizing ingredients in this sunscreen make your skin texture very soft. Due to its hydrating ingredients, Skin Aqua- tone up can even be used as a primer before applying makeup. 

Thus, it would cause the makeup to set well above it, without causing any caky look. It feels quite comfortable to wear even all day long— just due to its texture!


This Rohto product is composed of skin-friendly ingredients i.e. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid. It has an ingredient that distinguishes it from other sunscreens, (Pure Nuance Complex). 

This complex has chestnut rose and passion fruit extracts. Lavender color and vitamin C extracts in this sunscreen are the reason for the brightening effect that it gives to the skin. Having PA++++, it offers great UV protection.

Best For:

This product is made to work on all skin types. It can conveniently be used for daily application — even in humid, hot weather. It has a slight soap-like odor and contains a minute alcohol percentage. 

But as this sunscreen is allergy tested and approved so it can be used on sensitive skin as well. Due to its high-water resistance, you can use this skin aqua SPF 50 at places where you would have excess water contact like on beaches.

Sun play Skin Aqua Physical Sunscreen Tone Up UV for Sensitive Skin SPF50+ PA++++

Skin Aqua Sunblock 3

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This skin aqua sunblock is 100% physical-based sunscreen and doesn’t contain any organic compounds. It provides a toning-up effect to the skin. So the skin is brightened by its one-touch application. Thus it’s great for improving uneven and dull skin tones.


Unlike most of the physical sun blocks, this is light-weighed and relatively thinner. After application on the skin, it doesn’t leave white patches. In addition, there are no mineral oils in it. 

This skin aqua sunblock doesn’t contain alcohol, even not its minute percentage— as found in the majority of sunscreens. This sunscreen acnes review also supports the claims by the brand as its physical-based ingredients reflect the UV radiations rather than absorbing them in the skin.


: It is mineral-based. This physical screen costing around Rs. 4928 is composed of titanium dioxide with zinc oxide. It is made with a distinctive Invis Shield technology due to which it stands out among its competitors. These physical skin aqua sunblock ingredients also include soft powder that does moisturizing and toning the skin instantly!

Besides, it is free from chemical absorbents and oxybenzone. It provides great sun protection due to PA ++++ grade which is far more than found in most sunscreens. The sphingolipid, phytosphingosine, present in it helps fight against acne. Net volume of this product is 50mL and 1.7 oz.

Best For:

Due to its physical nature and mineral composition, it is the best selection for individuals having acne-prone or sensitive skin. 

Thus chances of irritation of the skin are reduced due to its composition. It is also free from parabens — as they are used as preservatives in skincare products but they trigger breakouts on sensitive skin. Parabens disturb the overall skin barrier and as a result, they cause allergic reactions. 

For this reason, it’s worth buying for those looking for acnes sunscreen review!

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel Sunscreen SPF35/PA+++ 

Skin Aqua Sunblock 4

Image Source: storejpn

This gel skin aqua sunblock has net volume of 3.9 ounces and weight of 110 g. It works equally well for the body as well, besides the face.


It has a watery, gel-like texture. This skin aqua sunblock price in Pakistan is around Rs. 5240 and is designed to be super lightweight. Due to its gel nature, it glides easily on the skin just like lotion— leaving behind smooth skin. It is scent-free and doesn’t contain any coloring agents


This skin aqua sunblock offers long-lasting (for up to 9 hours) hydration. This is made possible by its intense moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen along with amino acids

Hydrolyzed collagen slows down the aging process by lowering the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also boosts the skin’s natural collagen production. Amino acids work as essential nutrients for water retention in the dermis at the cellular level with rejuvenating damaged skin.

Best For:

Its moisturizing composition makes it a great option for people having dry skin. Not to mention, it’s equally good for normal and combination skin types as well! This sunscreen is made without any mineral oils. 

Besides, it is free of paraffinum liquidum as well. Its gel texture leaves the skin super moisturized and hydrated.

Rohto Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel Gold Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 110g

Skin Aqua Sunblock 5

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Go for this sunscreen if you wanna experience the feeling of having silky, moisturized skin! You can get this skin aqua sunblock Karachi or in any other city of Pakistan through online retailers or websites in Rs. 3575 with net volume of 1.36 Fl. Oz. It is a multifunctional skin aqua sunblock, that acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen both at the same time!


Its hydrating gel consistency makes it wearable under makeup—even all day long— as it won’t cause clumping up on the skin. This skin aqua sunblock leaves the skin with a subtle glow instantly. It contains consumer-friendly ingredients as it’s sulfate and paraben free.

Not only it offers broad-spectrum protection by rejuvenating skin but also stimulates elasticity in dermal cells by providing long-term protection from wrinkles and fine lines.


Apart from its hydrating ingredients i.e. hyaluronic acid and various other humectants, it is built with light resistance technology. Furthermore, it boosts the skin’s natural defense and secures the skin’s barrier due to its PA++++ and high SPF (by keeping UVB, UVA rays and pollutants away from the skin). 

Best For:

This super moisturizing gel sunscreen is an incredible product for dry, flaky skin. On oily skin, it doesn’t give any sticky finish but leaves super glowing radiant skin. Thus, if you want a translucent appearance, apply matte powder over it for reducing the shine.

This skin aqua SPF 50 sunblock offers great resilience against solar rays as it is formulated with a combination of chemical and physical filters. Its composition makes it a reliable product that can be used by all skin types.

Skin Aqua Silky White Gel SPF50+ Pa++++

Skin Aqua Sunblock 6

Image Source: rohto

If you wanna try something that would brighten up your skin while protecting it from UV damage— both at once, with a single product— then this is the right fit for you! It costs around Rs.890 only.


It comes with a colorless, gel texture. This product doesn’t have much flowy consistency this skin aqua sunblock offers a high broad spectrum due to its PA++++ formulation. 

As this affordable skin aqua SPF 50 is alcohol-free, so it doesn’t irritate the skin and thus can be used by people with problematic skin as well. It comes in 30g and 70g quantities. Both Sun play and Rohto are its manufacturers. 


The most crucial ingredient in this silky sunscreen skin aqua SPF 50 is extracts of green tea. They are particularly added for reducing dark spots. It also contains vitamin C for improving uneven skin tones. 

Skin Aqua Silky White doesn’t offer brightening alone— but also hydrates the skin with Aqua Boost technology. It contains various humectants like hyaluronic acid and collagen that leave the skin super moisturized but they don’t give a greasy finish as they are rapidly absorbed.

Best For:

It is the best skin aqua sunblock for those suffering from dark spots, pigmentation, dullness, wrinkles and freckles due to the brightening agents added to it. It is also great for dry and normal skin types. People with melasma and skin tans should also give this  sunscreen a try!

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel SPF 30 Pa++

Skin Aqua Sunblock 7

Image Source: review.soco.id

Sunscreen skin aqua SPF 30 harga i.e. the price is Rs. 4175.


Its consistency is gel-based so it’s very hydrating. It is paraben and sulfate free. Sulfates absorb oil from the skin’s innermost layers leaving behind itchy, dry skin so this sulfate-free skin aqua sunblock is specially formulated for dry skin types!

Tocopheryl acetate found in this skin aqua sunblock is a Vitamin E form as well as an antioxidant. Apart from protecting the skin from damage caused by UV rays, it also prevents skin layers from free radicals. 


This sunscreen is made of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It also has vitamin B5 and E extracts. Vitamin B5 offers anti-inflammatory properties and thus works well on damaged skin by restoring its natural healing. 

Also, it provides intense deep hydration (by absorbing atmospheric moisture). Vitamin C found in this skin aqua sunblock provides a brightening effect on the skin.

Best For:

It works aptly for dry skin— due to its intense hydration by the hyaluronic acid. This sunscreen brightens up dull skin tones as it contains tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate

Panthenol, another moisturizing ingredient found in this product, lowers the water loss from trans-epidermal skin layers. Getting such intense skin hydration in this moderate harga sunscreen skin aqua SPF 30 is quite a big deal!

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel pump (SPF50 + PA ++++) 140g

Skin Aqua Sunblock 8

Image Source: jbeauty

The same formulation is available in 110g and 140g products. This sunscreen comes with a pump that induces easy application. It costs around Rs. 5997 and weighs over 0.22 lbs.

However, it has a minimal alcohol scent that disappears 10 seconds after application—as soon as the product sinks inside the skin.  It doesn’t leave any white tinge, not even right after application.


The consistency of this gel pump product is quite watery and runny. However, it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the face as this skin aqua sunblock blends quite well and absorbs instantly into the skin in just a few minutes. 

The best part about this sunscreen is that it’s completely fragrance-free. It absorbs moisture from atmospheric air to the skin after topical application.


Super moisturizing nature of this sunscreen is accompanied by its hydrating ingredients— collagen, amino acids with hyaluronic acid in abundance. 

The prime ingredient in this super moisture skin aqua SPF 50 is super hyaluronic acid which is formed by the combination of 3 different molecules of hyaluronic acid (with varied molecular weights). These molecules permeate in deeper skin layers— eventually giving skin an instant plumping effect

Sodium hyaluronate (glycosaminoglycan) is another chief moisturizing ingredient in this sunscreen. It has hydrophilic nature. This gel sunblock is made with the UV cut effect, which causes the utmost transmittance of the UV rays, (up to 98%).

Best For:

Kids from 1 year onwards can also use it as it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. It provides a slightly matt finish unlike the majority of the sunscreens that leave a dewy effect on the skin. So, it’s the best skin aqua sunblock for oily skin. However, people with dry skin can also use it by pairing it with their moisturizer — as it dries the skin a little due to the desiccants found in this product. 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery 50 g Sunscreen SPF 50 + / PA ++++

Skin Aqua Sunblock 9

Image Source: medoget

As it is appropriate for almost each skin type, so it’s mostly sold out on online websites. This top-selling biore skin aqua sunblock has won Best-Cosmetics Award from Cosme, Japan and that too, twice! This costs almost Rs.1999 and has net weight and volume of 50g and 2.76 ounces respectively.


This watery essence Biore skin aqua sunblock has moisturizing ingredients but its texture isn’t liquidy or runny. It is not thick, even lighter than the gels. Due to it being ultra-lightweight, it effortlessly absorbs and blends— all over the body and face. 

It is colorless without any white or grey cast. It comes with a mild scent and contains alcohol in a minute percentage.


This Kandungan sunscreen biore UV is formulated with a micro-defense formula. This particular feature is designed for longer effectiveness on the skin and smooth and even application. This aqua-rich, watery sunblock contains micro water capsules— for thorough hydration, to deeper skin layers. 

Apart from hyaluronic acid, this sunscreen contains some extracts of royal jelly. This royal jelly is proven to be a collagen booster with a great UV reflector as well (due to PA++++ and SPF 50+). This product is also tested against various skin allergies. 

It is a 100% chemical-based sunscreen with filters like tinosorb s, uvinul a plus and octinoxate. It’s also water and sweat proof but isn’t cruelty-free.

Best For:

it is a must-have for oily skin types! That’s because it isn’t greasy or thick. It can be used under makeup as a moisturizer or primer as it dries and sets fast. 

This kandungan sunscreen biore is great for all skin types and works best for concerns like visible pores and uneven skin texture. 

Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ 80g

Skin Aqua Sunblock 10

Image Source: jbeauty

Given that skin aqua is amongst the Japanese most effective skincare brands, getting an 80g product for Rs. 3575 is a plus!


This super moisture skin aqua sunblock has quite a watery texture—unlike the gels. But it dries and settles quite fast, so you need to blend it quicklyIt doesn’t leave white specks on the skin, thus it’s great for people who want a natural look after skin aqua sunblock application.

Although this product has a strong fragrance of alcohol but it doesn’t bother the users as it goes away in under 30 seconds.


It contains chemical filters like Uvinul A Plus and Tinosorb S that absorb the coming UV radiations as it is a 100% chemical based sunscreen= with very high SPF 50 plus and PA++++.

It absorbs and permeates inside the skin in under a minute by forming a layer on the skin. The brand’s claims about this product being highly sweat and waterproof are true— as this skin aqua sunblock holds up quite well on even oily skin. Even some customers reported that it stayed on their skin the entire day, without the need for reapplication

Best For:

As this super moisture skin aqua SPF 50 contains a bit high amount of alcohol (compared to other skin aqua sunblock), so it might cause mild dryness after long-term usage. Thus people with already dry or sensitive skin shouldn’t use it or apply it by combining it with moisturizer. However, it works perfectly fine for oily, normal and even combination skin types!

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen Pink SPF50+/PA++++ 40ml

Skin Aqua Sunblock 11

Image Source: odeprofessional

You can get this Rohto Mentholatum sunblock for Rs. 4900. It gives a minimal pink tinge on the face, a few minutes after its application but it looks completely natural! So you can use this skin aqua sunblock for daily wear, beneath the makeup products as well! 


It is lightweight with milky color. Although, this sunscreen leaves minimal white smudges on the skin but they give an overall naturally looking radiant look. Though the quantity is a bit less i.e. 40 mL but it offers more staying power compared to other sunscreens (i.e. more than 8 hours). However, you need to reapply it after every 3 hours, if you’re outdoors or involved in activities that involve perspiring.


This sunscreen comes with both mineral-based and chemical filters so it provides protection against the damage caused by UVB and UVA rays. The physical filters include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide while the chemical filters in this skin aqua sunblock are uvinul A plus and octinoxate.

This milk skin aqua SPF 50 sunblock has vitamin E in the form of tocopherol. This antioxidant helps the skin withstand harmful UV radiations by preventing it from effects caused by free radicals. Alovera gel not only provides hydration to the skin but also fortifies the skin’s natural barrier due to soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of this milky sunscreen skin aqua SPF 50.

Best For:

Many users reported it to be quite an effective skin aqua sunblock for oily skin as it doesn’t cause breakouts due to its skin-friendly composition As this sunblock doesn’t sting the eyes (like most of the chemical sunscreens) and is completely unscented— due to the mineral filters with which it’s formulated— it can be used by those having eye allergies or sensitive eyes too! 

Children older than 1 year and onwards can also use it as none of its ingredients are potential irritants. 

Summing up

This review sunblock skin aqua would help you in finding the best one for your skin— as various skin aqua sunblock are available in the market, from SPF 30 to 50 ranges, having formulations suiting normal, dry, oily and acne-prone skin types. 


When it comes to formulation (especially the moisturizing ingredients) and protection of skin from sun damage, there is not much variation in both these skin aqua sunblock.

Both of them have SPF 50+ with PA++++, with a net weight of 80g each. But the key difference between both these skin aqua SPF 50 sunblocks is the skin type they are made for. Mint green sunscreen is designed for sensitive, problematic skin— having allergies, breakouts or pigmentation issues.

On the contrary, the lavender one is made to suit all skin types.

Their sunscreens have light textures and are formulated with premium skin-friendly technologies. The skin aqua sunblock designed for oily skin also blends and permeates quickly and doesn’t cause clogging of pores.

Most of perbedaan sunscreen skin aqua have hydrating ingredients that inhibit breakouts and blackhead formation caused by heavy textured products and closed pores.