Top 7 Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Say goodbye to waking up with aching shoulders, stiff neck, numb arms, and sore back with the medicated mattresses! In this article, we’ll inclusively explain all details about these mattresses and their benefits, with reviews on the top 7 products and medicated mattress price in Pakistan. Before that, let’s see how they function:

What Is Medicated Mattress?

It is a firm mattress built with a top layer that is grooved to provide better comfort. It is designed to support your sore muscles, bones, and joints. Such mattresses are frequently made of specific foam and springs, which gives them the firmness needed to resist undesired bends induced by the pressure put on them during sleep.

They offer physiological support to the body. They provide proper spinal alignment, pressure point relief and optimal body support. Such medicated mattress in Pakistan provides those with body aches comfort and relief.

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

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How Does A Medicated Mattress Work?

The two main types of materials utilized in medicated mattresses are latex and memory foam. Not only do they conform to your body shape — but also they are pretty rigid and thus provide significant support for your entire body.

Your body tends to sink and bend more when you sleep on a regular memory foam mattress, which could make you feel more uncomfortable. On the other hand, the firmness of an affordable medicated bed mattress price in Pakistan will protect your backbone from sinking — preventing you from any strain, pain or discomfort. Orthopedics, therefore, suggests patients to rest on medicated mattresses after undergoing any surgery or back injury.

Are Medicated And Orthopedic Mattresses Similar? 

Yes, both of them are the same. Doctors frequently recommend medicated mattresses for musculoskeletal problems involving back and joint pains.

Review Of The Top 7 Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan:

The price of medicated mattress in Pakistan, with their features and highlights are explained below:

Master Molty Ortho Duo 3in1     

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

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Price: Rs. 53,000

Best for 

  • Couples 
  • Those who tend to wake up by their partner’s movements easily
  • 2 individuals having different firmness choices for mattress
  • Those who want a hybrid orthopedic mattress


  • Formulated with Fresh Guard Technology
  • Provides excellent motion isolation
  • Reversible design
  • Approved by American Orthopedic Association
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Mattress thickness options: 6 or 8 inches

This reversible hybrid mattress from Master called the Molty Ortho Duo Mattress has a unique feel on each of its sides. This Molty Foam medicated mattress price in Pakistan is Rs. 53,000. It is the perfect choice for couples who prefer various levels of firmness. It’s left side provides firmer support than its right, which is relatively softer. The soft side of this moderate king size medicated mattress price in Pakistan has little contouring and strong support while the firm side feels flat and even. The latter side is among the firmest sleeping surfaces one might come across!

The mattress utilizes the “His & Her” mattress concept and is specifically created to fulfill the distinct needs of two individuals. Not only that but this mattress can also be turned over for experiencing an entire orthopedic experience. It’s formulated with fresh guard technology (formulated with an antifungal and antimicrobial finish).

When you first get into bed on the less firm side, the medicated mattress Molty Foam has fibers quilted into it to offer a little plushness. There are then two layers of dense poly foam for further cushioning. The extra firm side has one foam layer and comparatively fewer quilting materials, making it visibly firm and more supporting. The support layer (core) for both these mattress sides is made up of pocketed coils.

Size available: King size with 78 x 72 Inches dimensions

Diamond Supreme Firm

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: diamondfoam

Price: Rs. 26,700 – 45,200

Best for 

  • People with bed sores
  • Ones that prefer firm sleeping surfaces
  • Those having continuous lower body pains 


  • Dissipates sweat odor or moisture
  • 12-year warranty
  • Made with Multi-Layer Slim Technology (MLST)
  • 10 mattress comfort zones support the body 
  • High-recovery foam quickly retains its original shape

Diamond medicated mattress price in Pakistan ranges in between Rs. 26,700 – 45,200 (for different sizes and thickness options). Long periods of sitting or lying in one spot are the main causes of pressure ulcers. Supreme Firm can solve this issue as it enhances blood circulation by easing muscle and pressure strain.

During sleep, hormones are activated to help the body heal its cells. This particular firm model is durable and great for heavy sleepers (those who don’t wake up easily) who dislike feeling like they sink in as they switch sides. It will offer the ideal support with 6 or 8 Inches thickness options regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach or your back, resulting in a restful night’s sleep and a pleasant day ahead! 

The budget-friendly Diamond foam medicated mattress price in Pakistan passed the company’s temperature control tests as well, which we credit to the coils’ consistent airflow and the cotton-microfiber cover’s breathability. 

Those who experience persistent hip, back, or shoulder pain ought to think about a mattress like this that offers more support for these body parts. A zoned transitional layer (with 10 comfort zones) of coiled poly foam feels firmer beneath the core and softer for lighter parts of the body. A strong pocketed coil system offers additional support to maintain an equal plane throughout your body and lessen soreness and pressure in your most sensitive areas. Single, queen, king and double bed medicated mattress price in Pakistan with their sizes and dimensions are mentioned below:

Size        Dimensions

Single: 78 X 42 Inches  

Double: 72 X 60 Inches

Queen: 78 X 66 Inches

King: 78 X 72 Inches

Dura Spine Plus

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

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Price: Rs. 17,800 – 29,500

Best for 

  • Those suffering from back pain
  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • People with a limited budget 
  • People who want to customize their mattress thickness and firmness


  • Minimizes the bothersome roll-overs
  • Prevents build-up of microbes, bacteria and dust mites 
  • The support core layer prevents sinkage towards the borders
  • Three mattress thickness options: 5,6 or 8 inches

If you think you’ve used every kind of mattress, it could be worth giving a try because this mattress will be unlike anything you’ve ever slept on! Dura foam medicated mattress price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 17,800 – 29,500. This price range is for the standard 5 inches’ mattress thickness. For 6 and 8 inches’ thickness, prices would vary.

All backaches can be treated affordably and effectively with Dura Spine Plus. Its firm mattress, created with high-pressure technology, aids in maintaining the spine in a relaxed, neutral position to alleviate back discomfort. It relieves pressure from the bones to allow for a sound sleep at night. The premium materials involved in it enhance the mattress’ attractiveness and comfort. It’s composed of polyester and thus is quite breathable besides being water-resistant. 

Dura Foam claims that this best medicated mattress in Pakistan consists of organic cotton on the outside and eco-friendly latex and memory foam in the innermost layers. It helps regulate temperature at night due to the breathable materials it is composed of. It has four supporting layers which the manufacturer claims help to enhance comfort.

Size        Dimensions

Single: 78 x 42 Inches 

Queen 1: 78 x 60 Inches

Queen 2: 78 x 66 Inches

King: 78×72 Inches

Five Star Foam Posture Pedic

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: fivestarfoam

Price: Rs. 13,800 – 37,100

Best for 

  • Those suffering from orthopedic conditions
  • People having any chemical sensitivities or allergies 
  • Eco-conscious customers


  • Made with Air Flow Technology
  • Durable 
  • Support by the pocketed coils without adding much springiness
  • Contours whole body
  • Offers great moisture absorption
  • 15-day refund or return policy

Five Star medicated mattress price in Pakistan is Rs. 13,800 – 37,100 (range for different available sizes and thicknesses (5, 6 or 8 Inches). Since 1980, Five Star Mattress (with its manufacturing plant located in Gulberg Lahore) has been one of the best-selling mattress brands in Pakistan for all age groups. 

While you sleep, your backbone would remain in the right posture and you’ll sleep cozy throughout the night —  all thanks to the Posture Pedic mattress. This orthopedic mattress is particularly designed for providing support to the hips, shoulders and lumbar area. It’s made with air flow technology (i.e. it induces air circulation for enhanced breathability).

Consistent airflow through its coils also aids in keeping the inner surface at a comfortable temperature. This pretty reasonable Five Star medicated mattress price in Pakistan is designed to absorb and release body heat, maintaining a cool surface (even on warm or rainy nights). Edge sinkage wouldn’t be a problem in this product because of the strong support at the perimeter by the coils.

You won’t be sleeping on a mattress that emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful fumes because it is made of certified organic latex, wool and cotton with other eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. If you lie on your stomach, having your nose squished against the mattress or suffer from any allergies, this pocket-friendly medicated mattress price in Lahore like this becomes even more crucial for you! 

Size        Dimensions

Single: 78 X 42 Inches

Queen: 78 X 66 Inches

King: 78 X 72 Inches

Cannon Primax Chiropedic

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: cannonfoam

Price:₨ 18,000–₨ 54,200.

Best for 

  • People suffering from musculoskeletal disorders
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Those experiencing painful pressure points


  • Lower and upper back support provided by zoned transitional layer 
  • 10-years warranty
  • Dense compression support 
  • Mattress thickness options: 4,5,6 or 8 inches
  • Skin-friendly

Keeping in view the musculoskeletal body aches, Cannon Foam engineered its Primax Chiropedic. It is a twisted foam mattress with a soft, supportive structure that eventually offers a cozy embrace for a sound sleep. Cannon medical mattress price in Pakistan ranges in between ₨ 18,000–₨ 54,200. It is quite unique because it combines the top features of premium mattresses. Furthermore, it helps maintain a straight spine to eventually release any pressure points. 

A supportive comfort structure is developed by layering memory foam on top of a poly-foam transitional layer in this product. The support core is made up of pocketed coils. While resting close to the edge or moving in and out of bed, thicker coils around the perimeter aid lessen sinkage and increase support. The coils also encourage consistent airflow to keep the mattress at a nice, cozy temperature.

Although it is more expensive than the average mattress, buyers should keep in mind that the mattress would prove inexpensive in the long run than purchasing a moderate quality mattress that has to be changed more frequently. This cannon medical mattress price in Pakistan with justified rate tags supports the body of the sleeper while still being bouncy and simple to move on. Single, queen, king and double bed medicated mattress price in Pakistan with their sizes and dimensions are mentioned below:

Size        Dimensions 

Single: 78 X 42 Inches

Double: 78 X 60 Inches

Queen: 78 X 66 Inches

King: 78 X 72 Inches

Diamond Supreme Foam Spine Tonic

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: diamondfoam

Price:Rs. 65,700 – Rs. 98,500

Best for 

  • People who want spinal alignment
  • Back sleepers
  • Great for individuals with heavy body frames
  • Those searching for a luxury medicated mattress


  • Mattress Height: 26 cm
  • Flexible comfort layers combined with a strong coil system
  • Diamond Health Shield-Protected (prevents bed bugs and allergens)
  • Made with knitted stretched fabric
  • 12-year warranty 

Searching for the ideal mattress to relieve back pain? The best option for you is Dura Spine Plus. This Diamond medicated mattress price in Pakistan lies in between Rs. 65,700 – Rs. 98,500 (for different sizes). A common misconception is that the best orthopedic mattresses are incredibly soft. On the contrary, to maintain uniform alignment, proper spinal support and decreased pressure in the lower back or shoulders, heavier people (weighing over 100 Kg) would require a firmer mattress (medicated one).

It features great cooling characteristics for those looking for a mattress that maintains a consistent neutral temperature. It is designed to absorb body heat at night while a person sleeps. In addition to the coils allowing air to flow through the mattress’s interior surface, a breathable top layer aids in airing out from the upper surface.

A deep sleep with optimum support provided by such a firm layers of Diamond Foam medicated mattress price in Pakistan on a bit higher end can improve your health. No matter what sleeping position you like, this mattress is the perfect formulation with a medium firmness to keep your spine upright!

Size                        Dimensions

Single size            78 X 42 inches

Double size         72 X 60 inches

King size               78 X 72 inches

Molty Ortho Cool Gel

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: ezmakaan

Price:Rs. 37,000 – 62,000

Best for 

  • Individuals who sweat a lot
  • Those living in humid or hot areas
  • Hot sleepers


  • Medically approved
  • 14-day trial policy with a full money-back guarantee
  • Built with 7-zone technology
  • Claimed to last for generations
  • Elegant hybrid design with superior-quality foam layers
  • The formulation offers resistance to bed bugs and allergens

As you sleep on it, all of your pressure points are supported by this medicated mattress Molty Foam. It is claimed to give long-term comfort due to its flexible, cooling gel grid than regular foam mattresses. Moreover, the cool gel beads absorb extra body heat to keep you cool and cozy. 

It might be the ultimate pick for you because it has the perfect balance of fresh guard and airflow technology. The amount of firmness enables proper spinal alignment for practically all sleeping positions — with options of 6 and 8 inches’ mattress thickness.

Molty Ortho is the only orthopedic range in Pakistan that’s approved by doctors. Master medicated mattress price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 37,000 – 62,000. In addition to giving you back support, the Molty Ortho Cool Gel mattress will improve your posture by giving you support where it is most needed. It involves the recent 7-zone technology (7 mattress zones conform and support the body posture) that’s a clear winner among the rest!

Various body types and sleeping positions can benefit from its pressure relief features — due to its two options of mattress thickness and height. This mattress integrates dense, closely conforming foam layers with the durable support of its inner springs. It eventually supports and stabilizes the body while cushioning it and relieving pressure. This Master Molty Foam medicated mattress price in Pakistan is fair as the brand is quite renowned.

Sizes                     Dimensions

Single                   78 x 42 Inches or 6.5 X 3.5 Feet

Queen 1              78 x 60 Inches or 6.5 X 5 Feet

Queen 2              78 x 66 Inches or 6.5 X 5.5 Feet

King                     78 x 72 Inches or 6.5 X 6 Feet

What Are The Benefits Of Medicated Mattress?

Few of its many benefits are as follows:

1) Provides spinal support

A medicated mattress has memory foam with a firm base and offers great spinal support. Unlike typical mattresses, the medicated ones don’t cave in with the weight of the body. Medicated mattresses are designed to accommodate all the body’s curves and provide appropriate support for all pressure spots as well. This lessens the risk of pain.

Your back can be affected by 8 hours of a curved spine, however using a skin friendly medical air mattress price in Pakistan in economical range can make a significant difference.

2) Prescribed by Doctors

Doctors often recommend medicated mattresses for certain orthopedic disorders involving arthritis and back and joint pain.

3) Alleviates body pains

Due to insufficient support, a standard mattress has the potential of causing joint pain. While a medicated one can help you avoid strain on your spine and lower back. It reduces pain by giving the body a firm surface to relax on. 

An orthopedic mattress can also aid in lowering inflammation, maintaining proper spinal alignment and enhancing comfort. In addition, it reduces discomfort by giving your back significant support. Hence, any reasonable medicated bed price in Pakistan is commonly found to assist patients with arthritis and back problems.

4) Fastens healing:

Stiffness and cramps might develop as a result of spending prolonged time in one posture. If you just underwent surgery or suffered an injury, you might’ve experienced it. 

While the pocket springs in an orthopedic mattress offer mild cushioning — the firm surface assists in minimizing strain on the afflicted area. You can therefore continue to feel at ease as your body recovers on such mattress. Also, by minimizing tossing and turning, the best medicated mattress in Pakistan can ensure you a restful sleep. As a result, you’ll feel relaxed when you wake up, which may help your body recover quickly.

5) Relieves stress:

An orthopedic mattress can also aid in stress reduction. Your muscles and joints are relieved of pressure as a result of the firm surface’s assistance in distributing your body weight evenly. It also offers soft cushioning, which can reduce the impact of movements and lessen physical stress. As a result, after a restful slumber on such a mattress, you may feel more at ease and refreshed.

6) Improves blood circulation

The joints and spine would be completely supported by the medicated mattress, which can promote blood flow. The tissues and muscles are less prone to tighten or cramp since the body is balanced in a natural position, particularly by any premium medicated single mattress price in Pakistan. Greater blood flow and less inflammation may result from this.

A medicated mattress helps alleviate the pressure on the cardiovascular system by supporting and aligning the spine. So, by enhancing blood circulation, orthopedic mattresses can have a good effect on overall health.

7) Offers comfortable sleep

If you are frequently spending time in one position on a conventional mattress without moving much, you’ll see that it sinks in from that spot. People have to constantly adjust their positions in order to have spinal support because the mattress penetrates inside. This causes sleep disturbances.

It might contribute to a lack of quality sleep and muscle strain. A medicated mattress in Pakistan —on the contrary — offers regular back support that promotes restful sleep.

Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan

Image Source: spine-health

How We Picked The Best Medicated Mattress In Pakistan?


No one should have to sacrifice sleep quality to save money, but we also reviewed pocket-friendly yet effective products — therefore we chose mattresses with a range of prices.


We targeted orthopedic mattresses that provide the right amount of support and cushion for the best spinal alignment across a range of sleep styles.


We read a large number of reviews, paying close attention to those that addressed neck and back aches.


Almost each mattress bed on this list is made with premium, Certi PUR-US-certified components. Yet again, we gave preference to companies that utilize recyclable, nontoxic or organic materials.

Company policies:

Factors like return policies, warranty, extended home trials and fast delivery are crucial — particularly when checking a medical air mattress price in Pakistan online. Although we did our best to choose brands with professional conduct, it is still advisable to research and read reviews a bit before purchasing a medicated mattress.

Can A Mattress Lead To Spinal Issues?

Yes, a bad one certainly can! A mattress has a significant impact on the quality of our sleep and how we wake up feeling each morning. Back discomfort can come from straining muscles and the spine losing its natural alignment because of sleeping on a low-quality product with cheap price of medicated mattress in Pakistan repeatedly for longer spans.

Final Verdict

Select any medicated mattress from the above-reviewed ones after comparing the medicated mattress price in Pakistan —  keeping in view your sleeping type, firmness preferences and other mentioned features. 


Orthopedic mattresses usually cost more than other regular mattresses available on the market. Also, you might face trouble shopping them as it can be pretty hard to select a model that is actually medicated because several manufacturers advertise their mattresses as such —  as there are no standard guidelines for medicated mattresses approved by medical organizations.

Besides, they can be too firm for some side sleepers as well.

Molty Foam, Diamond, Dura foam, Five Star and Cannon —  all these brands manufacture mattresses that help relieve spinal and back pain. Read the above reviews and highlights to see which of these products would work best for you.

Both memory foam and medicated mattresses are great for reducing body aches. Your body is contoured by memory foam, which offers pressure alleviation. While the firmness of orthopedic mattresses supports your spine.

If you experience joint problems, searching for double or medicated single mattress price in Pakistan would be the solution. But, if you prefer a softer mattress and relief from back problems, memory foam can be a better choice.