Woofers for Car

Most music lovers install woofers for car to relish a more immersive listening experience. Now the question is: What technical specifications should be considered in woofers? How are they distinguished from speakers, subwoofers and tweeters? How to install them? This article covers all, so let’s start:

What Are Woofers?

Woofers are components of a speaker system, created to handle lower-frequency sounds (or bass notes in music). They are made to emit audio frequencies from 20Hz to up to 2.5 kHz. Drivers, which include both woofers and tweeters, are directed by a circuit (inside the speaker system) — at various frequencies. They are often used in car audio systems to enhance the overall sound quality.

Woofers are frequently used in home theatre setups, automobile stereos, and public address systems (PA systems). Woofers for car can be installed at various locations, including the dashboard, doors, or trunk. A woofer generally has a broad cone with a diameter of 8 to 18 inches. These big stiff cones are found in the loudspeaker system. The tiny cones, on the contrary, are used in tweeters that can accommodate louder sound frequencies. 

If a speaker is opened up, it is feasible to view these three components of the speaker system and sometimes even feel the vibrations caused by the sounds being generated. In addition, it comes in a variety of designs (i.e. typhoon type, wave type or saw tooth type). Some popular brands for car audio systems include Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker and JBL woofers for car.

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What Is Bass In Music?

The lower portion of the audio spectrum is covered by bass notes — which include the blasts heard in a movie or low-frequency and husky drum beats of any soundtrack. Bass is the voice that you both hear and feel in a movie, it creates strong vibrations that cause you to actually vibrate in your chair.

Your favorite song’s pounding beats or warm vocals of side singers could be the bass! The woofer is necessary at this point and takes on the responsibility of managing the rich, detailed, and deep bass that most loudspeakers are unable to produce on their own.

Difference Between Woofers And Subwoofers:

  1. Woofers for cars are capable of producing high-pitched audios with frequencies ranging up to 2500 Hz. On the contrary, a subwoofer’s designated frequency range lies within 20 to 200 Hz for low-pitched sounds.
  2. In contrast to woofers, which are powered by numerous drivers, subwoofers usually have just one driver.
  3. Due to their emphasis on lower frequency waves, subwoofers consume a lot more power while woofers need less power for function.
  4. Compared to woofers, subwoofers are constructed in a substantially larger enclosure.

Types of Woofers:

They are available in any of the following types:

Active Woofers:

These are commonly used in professional audio applications and are equipped with an amplifier designed inside them.

Passive Woofers:

These are the most popular and best woofers for car. Passive ones are powered by an amplifier. They usually have a diameter in between 8-15 inches.

Wireless Woofers:

They are operated wirelessly and are a kind of active woofers.

Powered Woofers:

An AC outlet serves as the power source for this kind of active woofer.

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Is There Any Difference Between The Woofer And The Speaker?

Speaker is the entire sound-producing structure while the woofer is a unit of this audio system. The components of a speaker system include woofers, tweeters, and subwoofers. A speaker contains the drivers like woofers and tweeters.

Now the most asked query is: can woofers be used as speakers? Car woofers for sale are built with relatively low-frequency audio outputs in consideration, and this involves their structural layout, components, and ports (input and output). Due to their inability to transmit high-frequency audio as done by the speakers, woofers cannot be operated as speakers.

How Can I Install A Woofer Inside My Car?

 You’ll require 5 parts to set up a car woofer: an automobile amplifier, signal source, power source, head unit, and woofer container. Next, you’ve to run power — from the car’s battery and head unit to the speaker wire as well as amplifier — followed by power from amplifier to the woofer.

In order to avoid harm to your car, be sure to take the necessary precautions, such as unplugging your battery and checking connections twice, especially of woofer for car under seat.

Do Larger Woofers Always Sound Better?

As they are louder, most of us tend to believe that these large speakers are better. They create higher volumes compared to the smaller ones. Size of speakers is indeed critical if you want to hear loud music, but louder audio doesn’t necessarily mean better audio as well.

Why Do I Need To Add A Woofer For Car?

It’s apparent that aesthetics and layout are now equally crucial when selecting gadgets for the car, which is why the demand for appealing, portable speakers has developed. However, smaller speakers usually don’t deliver bass, particularly in best hindi songs for car woofers —thus creating the need for an additional woofer. One of the many benefits of bass is that it enhances the top and mid-range vocals to create deeper sounds.

Without a woofer, you will clearly notice something lacking in your movies and music — if you are utilizing satellite speakers or small stand-mount ones; whether it is the deeper part of the music track or sound of the revolving rotor blades of a helicopter in the recent Netflix season, the woofer is the one to modify the audio spectrum

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How To Correctly Measure A Woofer?

The only tricky part while selecting a woofer or any other speaker driver is its correct measurement. The outer diameter of the round metal frame that surrounds the speaker driver’s front is to be measured when the specifications mention 13 or higher inches woofers for car. This whole diameter involves static parts (those that’re fastened to the casing).

If the woofer is measured from its moving components, we must determine where to take the measurements — to determine the diaphragm’s precise diameter. The high points of the perimeter, which encloses the diaphragm and joins it with the loudspeaker frame, are typically used to measure it. This diameter is approximately 260 mm (in case of most of the active woofers).

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Buying Guide For Woofers For Car:

Several factors must be taken into account before purchasing a woofer, such as:


 It is basically the woofer’s efficiency determination. Sensitivity is estimation of the amount of sound it will produce— by input power. Greater the sensitivity, better the woofer is!

Sensitivity and power work together to produce quality output from woofer for car with amplifier. Woofers typically have higher sensitivity. To create the same volume of sound as a model with a lower sensitivity rating, a woofer with a larger sensitivity rating needs lower power.


They have a range of power levels, ranging from 50 – 1000 watts. The size of the room or vehicle and the desired volume will determine how much power the woofer requires. 

There is no replacement for a lot of power if you want a system that actually booms! Ensure that the woofer can withstand the output power of amplifier, at least. Verify the RMS power with woofers for car review as it is more important than peak power rating since they determine continuous power handling.

  • The maximum power level that a woofer can sustain for a brief time period without blowing is known as peak power
  • While RMS power is the speaker’s average daily power handling capacity without deteriorating the sound quality or exhibiting distortion.


Knowing a woofer’s frequency range can help you determine how low it can play.

Kind Of Enclosure

A woofer’s sound will be greatly influenced by the type of enclosure it is installed in. Ported Enclosures and Sealed Enclosures are two types. 

Sealed enclosures around woofers for car come in concealed boxes and provide the deepest, most accurate audios and clear bass with quite less distortion. While Ported enclosures contain an opening inside the box for sound generation. Generally speaking, bandpass and ported enclosures generate louder volumes (occasionally with less-defined bass).

Great heat dissipation is achieved with the entire aluminium case of the woofers, which also prevents undesired sound resonance.


The effectiveness of woofer increases with the rigidity and lightness of the material employed. The cone is usually made of polypropylene, Kevlar and carbon fibers. While titanium and aluminium cones are used in woofers for car price in Pakistan that are expensive.

Voice Coil Count

Both single and double voice coils are available in different models. Dual voice coil (DVC) woofers are a common option for automobile audio lovers who prefer greater flexibility when wiring speaker systems. Dual voice coil woofers use 2 distinct voice coils, both having their own attachments, positioned on a cylinder (while being attached to the same cone) as opposed to conventional car woofers for sale, which only contain a single voice coil.


Size is the most critical factor as woofers come in a variety of measurements, from tiny 8-inch models to massive 15-inch ones. The woofer’s size needs to correspond to the dimensions of the venue or car inside which it is going to be installed.

Select the largest woofer you can if you want the system to play loud, bass music and you have enough room. But never undervalue a tiny woofer. Such speaker can perform as effectively or better than the larger ones if it is fitted correctly and is contained in the right kind of enclosure, depending on the other factors.

Following are the various sizes (that affect woofer speaker price in Pakistan) with the type of sounds they produce:

  • 8-Inch Woofers: A woofer’s speed and responsiveness increases as it becomes smaller. This might not be the best option if you enjoy bass that is particularly powerful and loud (while it’s great for a gentle and light bass).
  • 10-Inch Woofers: These most commonly used woofers provide adequate bass while keeping up with fast-paced music. Rap, club or rock music the 10” woofer can handle all. However, if you want plenty of bass, you might need to pair the 10″ with another speaker to achieve the desired volume.
  • 12-Inch Woofers: If you appreciate deep bass in a diverse variety of music genres in best songs for car woofers, this speaker is for you. From rap to classic and pop12” woofers are broadly applicable for all genres
  • 15-Inch Woofers They are not a good choice for everyday music listeners. However, if you’re seeking for super loud bass that will make your ears hurt, it’s the correct item.


The majority of woofers have an impedance rating of 4 ohms, however, 2 ohms and 8-ohm woofers are now widely used in cars. After selecting a woofer, search for amplifiers with impedance and power ratings that are comparable to your woofer. You wouldn’t have any trouble searching for the right car woofer and amplifier price in Pakistan because various models are available out there these days.

Does sound volume increase with more impedance?

Simply explained, more voltage is needed for the headphones to produce loud audible sound with greater impedance.

Advantages of Woofers:

They offer a lot of benefits.

  • Placement: A woofer can be placed in all automobiles, anywhere inside the car (unlike the large speakers).
  • Delivers tones that speakers are unable to produce: Most speakers begin to lose sound quality at around 50Hz, depriving you of the clarity of bass tones and audio depth. The lower frequency limit of human hearing is almost 20Hz — which is what good woofers for car will achieve. So you’ll never miss any notes and can even feel the lowest notes from instruments like a kick drum, pipe organ or bass guitar with a woofer.
  • Flexibility: You can easily install another woofer with an already present one — if you want more bass. For people who are unsure about how much bass they require, this is an excellent alternative.
  • Plays without distortion: Regardless of the nature of musical content or how loud you choose to play it, a great woofer plays distortion-free with ease, unlike the speakers.
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Where To Buy Woofers For Car In Pakistan?

You can get them from any market dealing with automobile accessories. A few websites are selling them online. However, you can purchase second-hand woofer for car OLX or through Gari.pk. Woofers for car price in Pakistan starts from Rs.7000 and goes up to Rs. 60,000 — depending upon the quality and specifications.

Final Thoughts

Getting a great woofer wouldn’t be possible by checking its technical specifications alone. Make sure to do your research, check the reviews, and test out a few woofers for car before deciding which one is right for you!


Both of them have their functions. Overall woofers are more effective at generating low-frequency notes, whereas subwoofers are comparatively good at producing bass.

Only the audio frequency range distinguishes woofers and speakers from each other. While speakers handle medium and high-range frequencies, car woofers for sale utilize comparatively lower frequencies (i.e. bass).